The Corn Industry

​Since the food industry has grown and there's always more people to feed, the quality of food coming out of factories isn't the same as they used to be 40 years ago. A large factor to that is corn. Cows bred by big coporations are fed corn mil. Cows stomachs are supposed to be fed grass. This species for centuries of generations were raised on the open land of grass. Corn messes up the digestive system of a cow and as a result, they need to be given antibiotics by the time they start eating corn. Which is once they come out their mother's uterus lining into a world where the calves purpose is to be eaten. 

Two men, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, decided to become farmers to learn were the food they eat so much came from. After a nine month period, after planting 31,000 seeds of corn on one acre of land, turned into 10,000 pound harvest. Ten thousand pounds of corn can produced 57, 348 cans of soda, 3,894 corn-fed hamburgers, 2,301 pounds of bacon, or 6,726 boxes of corn flakes. Both of these men realized corn was literally in everything they ate. Doughnuts, bacon, beef, soda, etc. In the conclusion of gaining this knowledge, they decided to get their analyzed to exactly see how much corn was in their bodies. Cheney had a 58% make up of corn in his body and Ellis 53%. 

Cheney and Ellis actually made a film called King Corn to show regular Americans what most of their food consists of. Cheney and Ellis say Earl Butz, the 18th secretary of agriculture, is the blame for this big industry of corn production that caused the fast food industry to boom in the past twenty years. After being in office from 1971 to 1976 under Presiden Nixon's appointment, Butz's idea was to genetically modify corn to create a surplus of the product. 

So, Butz who died in 2008, could be the primary blame for this vegetable that colonized all of Americas died, but regardless, since it's a big money maker for corporations and no farmers, it's going to be hard to wean of off such a highly used project. 


Fueling The Fast Food Industry