The Domino Effect

My project is shows how Lady Macbeth and her crazed schemes pushed the first domino in the domino effect of tragic events in Macbeth, that eventually led to both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth's deaths. 
meet the cast pdf
The process for creating my final creative piece was a fairly easy one. I wrote the quotes from my essay on dominos, and made clay figures to represent events that corresponded with the quotes. One problem I encountered during the creation process was the fluency of the domino effect. Two of my clay figures were too heavy, and the the bases too wide. I rasped the fronts of those two figurines so that they would tip forward with more ease. The Macduff figurine with the toothpick sword could not knock over the final dead Macbeth either, so I added more dominos. By the end of my presentations, the domino effect worked beautifully.
I am most proud of the way the domino effect corresponds so well with my essay. the dominos and the clay figurines give a fluid, fast paced, and hands on version of my interpretation of the play. It was easy to explain and easy to understand, and it demonstrated exactly what I wanted to say. If I had the chance, (and the sculpting skills) I would make the figurines easier to identify. I would also add more quotes to further demonstrate my point.
From doing this project, I learned I could create a smooth good looking presentation without any procrastination stress. This is the first project I have completed in a long time where I completed it long before the due date and felt fully satisfied with the results. In the future, I will try harder to complete projects before I get frighteningly close to the due date, to limit the amount of stress.
Domino effect video coming soon.