The Eye Openers- The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

In this podcast, with the theme being author's intent. We focused and analyzed a lot into the author, Toni Morrison's, style of writing in a way throughout the story. And connecting and trying to somewhat come to a realization about why and how she crafts each chapter. We noticed that every chapter started with a new story about a new character and their experiences. But in a way, they are all connected under one common theme having to do with race. Throughout this podcast, we pointed out certain sections in the book where we noticed Morrison's input on race and stereotypes and dug a bit deeper into Morrison's justification on the type of stories she writes. 
We also went a bit into Morrison's tone as the story progresses, a main thing that we realized was that there were a lot of intense and out of the ordinary scenes in this book but she would describe them very nonchalantly and that really threw us off a bit. 

All in all, as we finished the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, we learned a lot about perspective and purpose in a way. That, as generic as it sounds, everyone has their own experiences but the way they tell their story through fictional characters or realistic characters is a whole different ballpark.

Comments (6)

Afi Koffi (Student 2019)
Afi Koffi

The conversation was very natural and I can tell you guys were really listening to each other. During the moments of silence, you could have proposed a new question or even make a joke to make it less awkward. Overall, it was a good podcast because it was easy to follow along and personable.

Alexandrea Rivera (Student 2019)
Alexandrea Rivera

The transitions could have been a bit better but that is something that also happens in real life conversations! I feel like it was very easy to understand what was being talked about and I didn't get lost at all while listening to this. Good job!

Amelia Benamara (Student 2019)
Amelia Benamara

I admire how natural the conversation was throughout the entire podcast as it always is. I liked how much focus you all equally dedicated to the topic of the main character and her personal issues with features throughout the events in the book. This encouraged me to be more engaged with the conversations.

Marcin Czapla (Student 2019)
Marcin Czapla

You guys did a great job of listening to one another and going in depth about what you believe the character wants for herself. You brought up whether or not she really wanted the physical changes like blue eyes or if it went deeper than that, like whether or not she wanted to just be someone who was more respected. I think a little bit of music would've given it more of a defined mood.

Eric Valenti (Student 2019)
Eric Valenti

The conversation was really authentic. There was a few times where there was some awkward silence and it felt like you guys didn't know how to move the conversation. There was a long focus on the summary recap but it was only like a minute longer than I was expecting. Otherwise, the editing is really smooth and easy to enjoy.