The Great Depression vs. The Great Recession

For our project, we decided to do a video presentation using the Educreations website. In our video, we talk about the differences between the great depression and the great recession. We contrast the causes of each one. We also talk about the different ways out government tried to solve them. We compare the New Deal to the Obama administration's plan to fix the economy. To view the video, click here. Our annotated bibliography is included below. 

Harold Sims, CCC Cadet, and his portrait of FDR. 1933. 26 Feb 2013. <>.

This photograph was taken in 1933. It shows a man named harold sims who was a corporal of the Civilian Conservation Corps. He is holding a portrait he painted of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  He is standing in front of some sort of fence.

This source supports my argument that the public were in favor of roosevelt’s new deal. The man is holding a picture of roosevelt he painted. The picture does not cast any sort of negative light on the president. It shows his face looking at the viewer in a friendly determined manner. His eyes are facing forward, indicating honesty. And he has the words “A NEW DEAL” across the bottom on a clean looking banner. The fact that he took the time to paint this shows that he was very appreciative of the Presidents plan to save the economy.

This source is helpful because it shows someone involved in one of the New Deal programs showing support for it. It helps prove that that this was not a begrudging task set upon the people. It was a collaboration between the government and the people.

Roosevelt, Franklin. "The New Deal." 2 Jul 1932. Address.

This is the transcript of a speech given by Franklin Roosevelt (FDR). It describes his plan to help save the American economy. In the speech: he talks about his faith in our people, what we need to do as a country to turn the economy around and how he would implement this plan.

This speech helps to show what he intended to do as president and what his attitude toward the roll was. He talks about watching out for the needs of the whole country as opposed to a chosen few. Which is the belief held by our current president. In the speech he also talks about what still needs to be done instead of dwelling on the past.

I plan to contrast FDR’s speech to one made by obama, and contrast their similarities and differences. I think I will do this by chopping up audio from each of their speeches and making a new one.

Obama, Barrack. "Renewing the Economy." Speech at Cooper Union. Dr. Tucker. New York, 27 march 2008. Speech.
This is the transcript of a speech given by Obama in 2008, shortly after his election. In the speech he describes what he thinks should be done for the economy and what he wants from united states citizens.
This source is good for me to use because it is similar to a speech made by FDR regarding the economy. I know it is reliable since it is a direct transcript Obama’s speech. This is one of the better sources that will be in my bibliography since it comes directly from the President. It is unbiased since it is just a transcript.
I will be contrasting this to the speech made by FDR shortly after his election. So I will be comparing those two.

Corporate America Flag. 2011. 1 Mar 2013. <>

This is a piece of graphic art posted by the Occupy movement’s site staff. It depicts an American Flag with different corporate logos as the stars.
This source is reliable because it is a political cartoon someone made. There is no analysis of the cartoon attached. These two things make it a primary source. This is different from some of the other sources used because it is a political cartoon. Unlike some of the more formal sources in the bibliography.
We will be using this source to help describe the opinions of some of the American population. This will be accomplished by analysing what the art communicates to the uninformed observer.