The Hardest Part About This Is.....

Ugh, I can’t believe I have to work with him again. Why does this always happen to me?

I just walked into my class and the teacher was making everyone change their seats. I was fine where I was sitting and all of a sudden, we change seats. Now I’m working with him, the person no one wants to work with because every project someone has done with him, ended up with him doing nothing and the other person doing everything.

(to the chair next to him/her) Okay, so we’re doing the Renaissance as our topic for this project and you’re going to find pictures about the Renaissance. I’ll give you the links where you can get the pictures from. So really, you don’t have to do anything.

Wow, I can’t believe he took my offer.

So, that’s everything you will be doing. After you finish with that, you can be done and leave me alone.

I’m making him feel useless, aren’t I. Listening to myself, I sound bossy and controlling. Why am I always trying to control situations? Am I making everyone feel useless?

I don’t really mean to, sometimes I can’t control it. Sometimes what I’m thinking just bursts out of me and I end up hurting the people around me. The hardest part about this is trying to apologize, trying to take back all of the hurtful things you said, with no intention to hurt anyone.

I know that bossing people around isn’t really who I am, it is just how people see me. I guess that I’ve always been bossy because I was always being bossed around by everyone that I knew. Maybe now I want to boss people around and see how they like it, make them see what it was like for me and make them feel the way I did when I was being bossed around. That’s not right; I don’t want people to see me as someone who is just bossy and controlling, even though I don’t want them to see the real me either.

Just control yourself right now, Ash, so that you don’t hurt anyone. Stay calm and just focus on your own work and maybe let him find the pictures on his own. If he needs your help he will ask, so just focus on your half of the project right now. (breathes in and out deeply)

I was trying to focus on my work, but I couldn’t stop looking at what he was doing every 5 seconds. I knew that something was going to burst out of my mouth, asking him what he was doing, but I was trying to control myself.

Hey, what are you working on? Oh, you’re still finding pictures? Ugh, sorry I didn’t mean it that way.

I can’t believe I just said that to him. Here comes the hard part; trying to apologize to him, but I don’t know what I should say to him. This time try to be yourself, be nice and you’ll figure out what to say.

Look, I’m really sorry for the way that I have been over the past hour, I just wasn’t myself. Wait-it’s been how long? Only 5 minutes, really?

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Sarith Chuon (Student 2018)
Sarith Chuon

I connected with this character because I sometimes notice that in certain situations that I am Possessive, or wanting to take control in certain situations. The one thing that would stick with me is how the character was talking which seemed like 1 hour but really it was only 5 minutes.

Desarae Gilbert (Student 2018)
Desarae Gilbert

I connected with this character because its a relatable situation. A moment that will stick with me is "Wait-it’s been how long? Only 5 minutes, really?" because it shows that this person is really bothering them so time is just slowing down.

James Thomas (Student 2018)
James Thomas
  1. This character wanted to control the situation so the the best possible outcome could produce itself. However, she felt bad for how she was treating the person. I can relate to this.
  2. Serious reflection was present in this piece. It made me want to remember it for a long time.
Zoe Chernowski (Student 2018)
Zoe Chernowski
  1. I definitly connected with this character because I can be bossy at times too. I really liked how the character went through emotions as well.
  2. A moment that will stick with me is the ending, I liked how you ended it and it was quite funny. Good job Jess! :)
Thomas Wallison (Student 2018)
Thomas Wallison
  1. I connected in this character quite a bit. I usually feel like I'm always the one who has to sit next to the person that nobody wants to work with or sometimes even be around.
  2. The part where the speaker is telling the person they're working with to just do this part and that they'll do the rest.