The Importance Of Printmaking

Printmaking is important because it lets us recopy images without spending a lot of money and without using a lot of materials. The google definition of printmaking is the activity or occupation of making pictures or designs by printing them from specially prepared plates or blocks. My definition of printmaking is taking a drawing that someone or you made and copying it on a prepared plate or block. Printmaking was discovered in the 15th century. The news of printmaking spread through Buddhism from India to China. Printmaking is so important because you don’t need a lot of resources to printmake. Printmaking is revolutionary because it was one of the first discoveries for copying a picture.


In this image, the white contrast well with the black. I notice how the animal takes up most of the space. The animal in the picture seems to be a lion or a tiger. The image doesn’t seem to have any real lines. I wonder why the artist made a picture of a lion. There doesn't seem to be any mistakes with the image.