The killer " Cancer"

For our “ You and the World” project my topic is cancer. In the past years cancer has become a well known sickness. Could it be the environment that is causing this? In the past years the pollution levels have gone up, people smoke more and drink a lot of heavy alcohol. They never really think what kind of effects this can have on your body. Statistics show that over the past 10 years more people are diagnosed with different types of cancer such as, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Cancer is developed when there are changes in your genetic code (DNA) of a cell (initiation). Normally the body can repair the damaged cells but if they reproduce that may cause cancer, because there are to many bad cells in your body. Usually initiation isn’t the one cause of cancer the cells go through more changes and require a substance called promoter. There can be a couple of years between this process and when you actually start to show cancer symptoms.

There isn’t really one specific cause of cancer. Cancer can come from genetics, health, nutrition, personal habitats and environment. The things you do in your daily life can affect you and cause you to have serious problems later on in your life, such as cancer. It has been proven that smoking of any kind can cause cancer. Cigarette smoking contains 3,800 chemicals that are cancer causing. Your portions and your diet (fatty foods and alcohol) are also linked to cancer. Being in the sun for to long without sunscreen or tanning on the regular also is one of the main causes of melanoma (skin cancer). Also sexual behavior can spread disease, which can also cause cervical cancer. Environmental pollution by chemicals in our drinking water, air, food and work place has also been shown to be a factor of causing cancer. Chemicals that are in the air we breathe have been linked to causing cancer. Some chemicals that may cause cancer are benzene (which can cause leukemia), asbestos (this can cause lung cancer) and vinyl chloride (which can cause liver cancer). Workers that work with metal or heavy labor work such as factories are affected by some of these chemicals


 Cancer is something people really need to be aware of. 1 and 3 americans with get cancer and 1 and 6 americans will die from cancer. Those are really scary statistics. Is there something we can do about it? Yes there may be and it is my mission to find out. We can’t let it kill people for much longer. In my blogs I will be talking about what we can do to make ourselves healthier and what we can do to give back to the cancer community. 

Here is the link to my resources. 

Below are pictures of damaged cells. ( cancer cells) 


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Sadie Sprague-Lott (Student 2015)
Sadie Sprague-Lott

I notice… That it was a really good blog and got me interested on how this might affect me and what I can do to prevent myself getting cancer. I also notice that you found a good way of adding in the facts to your blog. I wonder… How people with cancer will relate to this topic, and how this information can change a lot of people's lives, but also how you will make the change. What if… you made some bullet points instead of large paragraphs, and if you added some different types of pictures which I know might be hard considering your topic.

Jaime Christmas (Student 2015)
Jaime Christmas

I notice that they're are a lot of ways to receive cancer that some people may not even be aware of such as not wearing sun screen. I liked the use of the pictures so people actually know whats happening to their cells and bodies when they get cancer. I wonder how you're going to inform people more and try to change their habits so they don't get themselves into life threatening situations. I think you should use more advanced vocabulary because you are lovely. :D