The life of a Pregnant Teen.

    We are the World is a project that was created from 9th graders at Science Leadership Academy. Each student chose 1 issue that is an world world wide issue. Our assignment is to share our topic with others. The topic vary from child abuse to gangs in the army.
    My issue is teen pregnancy. This topic interests me because teen pregnancy doesn't just affect one or two people but families and communities. People are so judgmental in the world, I want to get deeper into what the pregnant teen or a couple true feelings are really about.
    To truly collect research about teen pregnancies, I watched many episodes of Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant. In these two shows they explained and shown the real side of a teen pregnancy, not showing the fault of a couple. I learned that not only is it a fault of being  pregnant but it could also be a blessing. It gives the couple great opportunity and new chances to start over.
    My research only shows so much in that it is too much to share about teen pregnancy. It doesn't show what happens after 8 months after the child's born. I want to collect hands on research, such as interviewing the couple or mother, just to find out what really happens and not just what happens in Hollywood's view. I wonder what happens to a family after a couple of years?
    I'm hoping to interview families that's been through a teen pregnancy, to find the true meaning of what's happening in the household. To allow people's voices to be heard, not just from Hollywood's perspective.

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