The Life Of A Single Mother

Intro: hello everyone listening my name is Brandon Mangum and I’m coming to you from young bran international broadcast. The topic I’m going to talk to you about today is on new single mothers. The main questions for this topic is “how do single mother stay finically stable while taking care of kids? and how does only having a mother in the kids life affect them?


By doing these interview I learned the kids could be deeply affected by some of the truckles the parents face. One example I notice is when Marie talks about having her older son take care of his sister because she couldn’t since she has to work. Her son picks his sister up from the daycare and walk with her home, and take care of her while there home. Marie put a lot of responsibilities on him. I can relate to that because my mother puts a lot of responsibilities on me as well. This makes me feel better because now I know I’m not alone other and placed in the same position as me. Another thing I notice is how in both interviewees talk about their trouble with transportation for their kids. Marie said that sometimes she couldn’t be there or take him to basketball games he had. My mother said something similar; she said that she couldn’t take her kids to any after school activities. Overall I learn that it could be many different obstacle that a family with one parent will face, although it might me hard to deal with, most likely you will find a way to over come those truckles.

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