The Orchard

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Pablo Salvatierra (Student 2018)
Pablo Salvatierra

This is the second piece I have read today based on the idea of humans turning into something else. I really liked the way you executed the whole world's transformations. You started with one girl having this issue, and it quickly blossomed into the whole world.

Emma Schwingel-Sauer (Student 2018)
Emma Schwingel-Sauer

The sci fi aspect was really well done. It was unique how you used something, nature, from the real world and turned it into science fiction. You also had a lot of really nice descriptions.

Olivia Cooper (Student 2018)
Olivia Cooper

Great story! I really liked the flashback in the beginning and how Mela was messing with the apples and then she began turning into an apple tree and how everyone in the world turned into apples trees. On the sci-fi note, I think it was very interesting how you took a real world problem, pesticides, and turned it on it's head. Very good job.