The Physical Attack From The TV And Dresser

Jalen Smith


                                              The Physical Attack From The TV And Dresser

I came home from of school. At that time I was in the third grade and I was tired of doing math problems, vocabulary words and other things so I felt the weekend fever. Sit back, relax and watch a movie was going through my brain. I decided to watch ANT’s, my favorite childhood movie. So I threw my book bag in the floor and sped up stairs to my room. I headed to my book case to go find my ANT’s movie. I groped desperately for the movie on the top shelf. Finally I found it. I quickly opened the case to the video and took the movie out of the box. My next step was to turn the TV on which was located at the top of my dresser. My TV was too high for me to reach but I attempted to try and turn the TV on.  I pulled the drawers open to try and make steps so that I could climb the dresser. I placed both of my feet on the first drawer and all hell broke loose.  

With all my weight being on the drawer, the dresser couldn’t hold me, so it tipped over. Everything came down on top of me. I woke up on the floor. My chest and my arms were aching. I couldn’t get up because my body was pinned to the ground by the massive TV and dresser. I  raised my left and right arm just to see if they weren’t broken. I noticed that on my right hand middle finger I had a broken nail. My finger was bleeding profusely because of the broken nail. Three minutes later after the accident my parents ran upstairs to see what happened. 

I couldn’t tell them what happened because I was shaken from everything that happened. Then finally I told them. I tried to watch ANT’s but I couldn’t reach the TV and the VCR so I decided to climb the drawers to the dresser to get to the TV and turn it on.” My mom screamed “Are you crazy!!!”  I felt so bad. My mom saw my bloody hand and she panicked. “ We are going to probably have to take you to the doctors so that you can get some treatment.” I agreed and we headed off. We finally reached our destination, the doctors office. A place where I did not want to be. Every time I went into a doctors office I always had to get a shot but I knew that this time I didn’t have to get a shot because I had a broken finger and a broken nail. “ Jalen Smith” the nurse yelled. “Come follow me”  We entered the examination room and my mother and I sat down waiting for a doctor. 

“Knock Knock Knock” the door slowly opened and it was Dr. White. “ Jalen what happened to you?” I had told him my story while he observed my broken finger and nail. Soon after he put medicine on my wound and he placed a splint on my finger Dr. White said “Next time you should ask mommy or daddy for help rather than doing it by your self because you can get hurt, ok”.Take care Jalen”. You too doctor” I replied. When we got back home my family and I had cleaned up the mess and we made brownies. After the brownies were made everyone went into the living room and we watched ANT’s and ate our delicious brownies. Even though the end of the day was horrible because of the accident, the bonding with my family was very important and really memorable. I actually thank god for that day because there’s nothing better than family bonding.  

The one thing I learned from this experience was that it is good to ask for help whenever you need it. If you know you can’t do something you should always ask someone to help you. Sometimes when you try to do something on your own you may fail to do it and it could lead to something very bad, like a broken arm, damage to something thats not yours, or even being severely injured. So thats why its so important to ask for help.