"The Powerful Effects Of Overcoming A Dysfunctional Childhood"

While doing this interview I've learned many things. First of all I've learned to trust myself and listen to what wisdom always tells me. I've learned that it is important that every person has faith and know that they can do all things if you only believe. I also learned how to improve my way's of treating people, especially treating family members and peers. After listening to the final product of this podcast, the whole conversation really touched my heart because a lot of the stories that my grandmother was talking about, we both kind of shared the same problems in our lives. At one point in my life I thought that I was less important and not as intelligent as others. But towards the end, I've learned that I was a very intelligent student and that I had a lot invested in me, as far as my faith was concerned. It was such a joy to do this project and talk about the boundaries that my grandmother had faced and how she overcame those boundaries by listening to what wisdom told her. I challenge everyone to hear this inspirational podcast because you will truly be changed. Enjoy.
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