The Rise & Fall of Macbeth

My project is about the rise & fall of Macbeth. This is a creative extension of the Macbeth quote analysis that shows how Macbeth betrayed his friends and country.
My process in crafting the creative portion was thinking of the type of creative portion I should do, finding the pictures for the short story, and finding the right dialogue to use. The difficulties I had were finding the pictures and thinking of the creative portion. I overcame them by looking up specific events from Macbeth and narrowing down types of creative portions I could do. I am most proud of how the pictures match the event well because I had a hard time finding a few of them. If I was given the chance I would add a little more dialogue before and after the quote.
What I learned from the presentations was that a lot of people preferred to do Macbeth more than Lady Macbeth. As a result from doing this project I learned that I prefer the non-digital ones more than the videos.
Macbeth Creative BM