The School District of Philadelphia, How can SLA help?

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Anna Sugrue (Student 2016)
Anna Sugrue

Rafi addressed the many different systems that intertwine to make SLA fabulous. This project pushed my thinking by showing me other students perspectives.

Rafi Hares (Student 2016)
Rafi Hares

Imani Weeks:

  1. It's very clear that your system is the system of education and it's presented by what can be changed and what is good.

  2. I already have thought about the things that were said during the video and I'm a student so I agree 100% how all schools and not just SLA need to work on things.

William Derry (Student 2016)
William Derry

The systems that are in this video are school and a high school community. During the video the interviewees talked a lot about change and wanted to try to make a difference.

This video did push my thinking because I thought that the purpose of the project was good and the idea of the video was well thought out. It was very interesting.