The snake

Everyday I go hunt for some frogs near the river I get about 3 frogs a day then all a sudden the frogs stopped coming I got nothing this month. i've been eating nothing but small insects but those tiny bugs do not make my hunger go away. I need to find frogs or eles i will starve to death. huh I sense something unusual. what is this a human wearing leaves and branches who has all these frogs!? I’m going fallow him out. As I sliver though the forest chase the human I see less and less of my and more of habitat and hear noses I never heard before I'm so scared. is this more humans and there knocking down the trees and digging into my home with these yellow thing I must confront them but there's too many and i'm unfamiliar with this place. I can't do anything can I- hay!!! I what is this rope around my head it no no the human again!!!.