The Spanish Alphabet by: Sophia Deoliveira and Betty Louis

​What you need to know:

1. The letters of alphabet

2. The pronunciation of the letters

3.How to remember the alphabet

4. how would you use them


A: a 
B: be 
C: ce

Ch: che 
D: de 
E: e
F: efe 
G: ge (sound like h; “hey”)
H: hache (h is silent)
I: I (sounds like a long e) 
J: jota 
K: ka
L: ele 

LL: elle (sound lik “eeyye”)
M: eme 
N ene 
Ñ: eñe (sound lik ennyee)
O: o
P: pe 
Q: cu 
R: ere

RR: erre (roll your tongue and make a double rr)
S: ese 
T: te 
U: u
V: ve (sounds like b; “be”) 
W: doble ve 
X: equis 
Y: ye or i griega
Z: zeta

3) In order to remember the alphabet and how to pronounce them you can always sing along to the alphabet song over and over until you finally get it!

4) Learning the alphabet in spanish will also help you learn how to spell words a lot easier!

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Liza Cohen (Student 2015)
Liza Cohen

i like how you told them how to pronounce the letter in the parenthesis ! good job color coating things ! :) its very short, sweet, nd organized good tips at the bottom :) overall , nice work !