The Struggle of Parenting

Things I Realized While Doing This Project

We all know that parenting can define The Struggle. All mothers go through it, financially, mentally, and physically. However, most mothers do it because of the affection they feel for their child. When i interviewed my mother, i discussed what it was like caring for two kids-as a single parent. How her family and friends supported her, and how she managed to get through those stages of caring for young kids. As my mother lived her life, later coming to find out she was pregnant, made her think of what to do next. Two months into the pregnancy, she found out she was having twins. All my aunts, my uncles, and special thanks to my grandparents cared for us during the day while she went to work to earn money for her new family. Money was always tight, especially supporting two kids at a time. She learned the troubles of parenting, but also the good things too. Something worth living for. I’ve learned so much from this interview. For one, how she dealt with the big news of having children. I also found out she was very excited of having us. She wanted a new experience. Lots of things have changed. She doesn’t drive that green convertible anymore. We no have 5 people living with us altogether. But doing this interview as also taught me how much she enjoyed talkin about this matter-something we ever hardly talked about. I learned how much my family cared for me as a child, and now seeing how much things have changed from in the past until now. To me, this project has been a whole life reflection. It made me have flashbacks of what it was like younger, and what its like now, in high school, growing up to face more of reality... I hope you enjoy this audio.

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