The Triangle

I would put my mural on the wall near the triangle between South and Bainbridge on 23rd. The triangle was turned into a place that people could gather for entertainment such as music, movies, and for the most part food. This Triangle was redone by the SOSNA community. They are currently trying to raise money for The Triangles On Grays Ferry Avenue Gateway Project. SOSNA wants to make the triangular intersections down Grays Ferry less confusing and safer for drivers and pedestrians by adding places for people to socialize and to have an attractive space in the community. Ever since the reconstruction they have put on a festival during the summer called Plazapalooza in that area where people in the neighborhood come together. There is live music and food. My mural would add to what the triangle is trying to do by presenting a song name introducing new music to the community and bringing art where there is hardly any.