The Truth about the evil leader

When people think of leaders, they imagine fearless and caring people who strive to better the lives of everyone they watch over. In society, being an effective leader is solving conflicts while still doing the most for your people. William Golding shows the ideal leader in Lord Of The Flies in the form of Ralph, who embodies the characteristics of an effective leader. While he was elected leader he slowly loses how over the kids on the island and that they stopped following him and turn to someone that they felt that was better. As the book is presented in the eyes of the perfective of ralph’s side and that he we say thought the conversation with Piggie showed that he believes that jack is bad even when he went and organized the boys on the island and making everything run smoothly. Like most leader  Why are some of the most effective leader are considered evil?  

The boys went and had a meeting with each other to bring order to the group and to get people to work together. During the meeting, one of the youngest children on the island told the kids that he had seen a snake monster. Piggie, Jack, and Ralph tried to calm him down. Piggy and Ralph tried to say that it just didn't exist and yelled at him while Jack tried to settle his fear by saying that it doesn't exist and if it did they would hunt it down. "’Ralph's right of course. There use, the snake-thing. But if there was a snake we'd hunt it and kill it’”(36). The book tries to put the moral dilemma that it the book present Jack as the bad guy and as a person who doesn't care about anyone else and that Ralph and Piggy are the good people and that people will follow them, but before the quotation Piggy and Ralph were yelling at the little kid, saying that the monster does not exist "'He says he saw the beastie, the Snake thing, and will it come back tonight?' 'But there isn't a beastie!'". This reaction was not from Jack, who we are told is a bad person; it was Ralph and piggy yelling at a frightened kid who thinks he saw a creature that could kill him. On the other hand, Jack calmed down the little ones fear by agreeing with Ralph but also telling the little one that if they ever see the monster that they will kill it. This reaction cause the the little one to calm down from his fear from the monster and also it calmed down the other smaller boys who were afraid of the monster. While the boys went and and appoint Ralph as their leader because he had plan but this seen anthesis why people are willing to follow Jack, while people will call jack bad and evil as a little kid you are going to be afraid of someone that is yelling at you instead of someone that isn't yelling.

During the Cultural Revolution in China, the leader Mao Zedong started to change the structure of the Chinese government into a Communist government. Throughout his leadership he helped cause cultural change by forcing his people to get rid of things from the ancient world, because he did this taking away his country heritage to bring China into the 20th century. While he was considered to be terrible for getting rid of chinese history and the willingness to allow some of his citizen to die to allow himself to transformed China from a third world country to a manufacturing, electronic and agricultural powerhouse. Jack in the book goes thought the same situation and that thought out the book he went and use the basic need of food and salfy to take power over Ralph.  While the boys on the island killed and that the death of Simon was blamed on Jack because they were doing their ritual and Jack was leading to get the boys excited for hunting the beast and when Simon     comes out of the woods stumbling, hunched over, and looking like the dead pilot who they thought was the beast. While ralph believes that its jack felt that simon died but he forgot that all of the boys attacked and killed simion without know it was him. While this does not excused his from his punishment that he does to the other boys but Ralph never knew about the punishment later in the book and so Ralph ralfe anger and fear of Jack is from his his ability to rally the kids and make the follow order better than he can.

Thought out the book Lord of the flies there is a power struggle between Jack and Ralph witch cause the boy on the island to take side on what leader they believe in. Looking through the eyes of the character that are not named in the book you can see that Jack ability to use people fear and the ability lead over power Raph long term thinking because Jack allowed the boys to feel safe living on the island under Jack because he can calm or enhance their fear, while Ralph is trying to get off the island and trying to plan for the staying on the island he could not calm the boys fear of the beast and to take good leadership over the boys. While the leadership on the island is trembling at best in the real world leadership mirror the leadership and that thought out the world there are leader at are are put in hard situation that when they have to make the hard call. This becomes problematic when people who disagree with the action of the leader start labeling the leader as bad, evil, and  unqualified just because they did not like one or two action that the leader had to do instead instead of look at the leader as whole because people only really remember the bad what people do instead of the good.  

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Jacobo Pastor (Student 2019)
Jacobo Pastor

I liked your essay, I loved how you gave multiple examples to support your thesis. I think you have convinced me. To follow up, we see examples like the ones you were presenting on your essay: no matter how many good things happen in our day, we are only going to care about the bad one.