The Two Kinds of Cruelty & How Can You Stop Animal Abuse?

So now people know that animals of all kinds are being abused all around the world. In the last two blogs I've said that many animals are being abused at home, in hotels, and in circuses. People should now know from my two blogs that animal abuse is a serious crime and need to be stop right away

There are two areas where animals abuse falls under and they are passive and active cruelty. Passive cruelty is typically when you neglect your animals. But even though it doesn't sound serious, it is. Some cases are, starvation, dehydration, leaving the animal infected, and letting the collar grow into the animals' skin, or even a lack of getting the animal medical attention. Some investigators feels as though neglecting animals is due to ignorance so they would tell the pet owner about it and then check on them to see that they are doing their jobs as pet owners. And when an animal is severely hurt, they would suggest that the animal would be removed from the area and be immediately taken to urgent medical care. Active cruelty is when a person physically abuse animals themselves. This is a type of abuse that should be taken very seriously because this type of behavior is associated with sociopathic behavior. People would usually kill or threaten to kill a home pet to get a family member into sexual abuse, to be quiet about a previous abuse, or to just torture the people to show that they have power.

Animal abuse in some states are illegal and there are ways in which you could stop animal abuse from happening. You could make a call. Some neighborhoods have a animal control or shelter in them, so you could save the number into your phone to be prepared and if you don't have one call the police apartment to report. When you call give the people a description of the location, the date and time, the kind of people and animal. You could take some pictures and videos and also give some names to who might have seen the incident. And finally get ready to testify. It would be a stronger case if you give your name instead of being anonymous so you could win the case since animals can't speak for themselves. 

Finally I say make a change, help these animals so they could leave their lives freely.

Here are the cites for more information: Animal Abuse and How to help