The Unstoppable War

In Lord of the Flies by William Golding  many boys are stranded on an island by themselves with no help or guidance from adults. They started off pretty well with a nice structured system so that things wouldn’t get chaotic. They elected an official or ruler named Ralph to watch over the group and lead them in simple tasks like making fires, hunting, and solving tough situations that they faced. As time went along a boy named Jack who was leading the hunters at the time wanted Ralph’s power and wanted to be ruler of all of the boys on the island. Jack was so obsessed with power that he would go to any length to get it. Finally because of all of the tension and confusion on who to follow, Jack or Ralph. The island boys split into groups. One group  followed Ralph and most of the others following Jack. This division amongst the boys took a turn for the worst when Jack took a boy's named Piggy’s glasses to build a fire. This turned into a full on scale war between both groups. The  boys are so young but because society has such a connection to war when power is threatened , it was the boy's natural response to start a war to keep their share. If you have ever heard of the saying monkey see, monkey do then you’ll know it applies here because if the boys had seen adults solve their problems more efficiently and communicated better then maybe the boys would be more likely to copy the behavior but because war and fighting are so common the wrong just seemed to be right.

The book Lord of the Flies is a perfect representation of society’s natural response of creating war when power or some one’s right are being are in danger of being taken away.

There are many different types of wars that happen, world wars, civil wars, and even self conflicting wars, but the war I think best connects to the book is the American Civil war. The American Civil war took place on April 12, 1861 and ended May 9. 1865. The war was between the north and the south, the south wanted to survive and they wanted their independence.This makes a very large connection to the book lord of the Flies, because the United states of America and the boys on the island were supposed to be unified. They let differences break them instead of coming to a common ground, which blew up in both their faces. It seems that when they were suppose to be closer than ever, they wanted to be farther apart. Our society’s alway says that violence is bad and there's a saying that “Violence is never the answer. But you can see by the past that all we seem to know. We don’t know how to effectively communicate. We are a spoiled society when we can’t have what we want we take it instead.

There are some benefits to war and some downsides to war but when there’s good, bad comes afterwards.In war, each side always has a target, something they're trying to get at whetherits land, power, just to take them out, or because someone is trying to stop them from achieving something but with this comes a price of people's lives. Societies see nothing but their goal in this transition of war. We get binded to the simple facts that war creates sometimes a much bigger problem and when we get to see this problem we settle it with another war. ome type of society’s natural instinct is to fight when a conflict approaches. This is why the boys on the island acted as they did because on tv, in magazines, in newspapers, social medias, and talking amongst adults, war was and is bound to come up. The boys were only doing what they saw in these areas, acting on society’s natural instinct. Could they have deferred this feeling? Not likely because the society you live in has a major part in developing who you are so when society says go to war when their is  major issue, that’s exactly what you do .

In Conclusion was war has always been prevalent in the past, present, and will be in the future.  As you could see in many of my other examples in the other paragraphs that war has come in many different types and styles but there is no way of avoiding it as long as different types of people live on the planet.  For society war is essential because we have to force or take what we want because conversation is a foreign language to society.

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Jevon Price (Student 2018)
Jevon Price
  1. I agree with the comparison that fighting breaks out once two sides cannot unite for a common goal because when there is a deferring of opinions on whats better for the good of the group, that's when the group itself starts to fracture.
  2. We get binded to the simple facts that war creates sometimes a much bigger problem and when we get to see this problem we settle it with another war.
  3. I liked this sentence but it summed up her entire essay.