The War on Terror: Afghanistan

Joseff Filamor

May 11, 2013

Blog Post #3

Hello everybody, as most of you know my name is Joseff Filamor. I am a Freshmen at Science Leadership Academy and for my You and the World project I am focusing of the war in Afghanistan. If you have not already seen my previous blog posts, I focused on what affects a warrior when he goes into war, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  My brother; Guz Filamor served in Afghanistan for two years and is the reason I chose to research Afghanistan in the first place. For my third and final blog post, my brother agreed to an interview.  

I recorded the conversation and I wrote it out here for you all to read:

Me: What made you want to join in a military lifestyle?

Guz: Well back in the day, our Pops was pretty hardcore when it came to what we were gonna become in life. He thought the only way to become a full man was to become one through pain and humility.

Me: Did you ever want to join?

Guz: A big part of me did not want to do it at all, but I did not really have a choice.

Me: Are you went through with it?

Guz: I can tell you this, it didn’t leave me a better man. In fact it made me worse considering I had to watch men die in front of me. Although, it did make me appreciate life a lot more. I come home to my family knowing I am blessed to be there to see them.

Me: Did it impact you in anyway?

Guz: Yes it really did, I had a brief case of PTSD and I am still going to therapy to get remove it from my mind.

Me: Anything advice to kids today in hope of joining the military lifestyle?

Guz: Keep your mind straight and have a good reason to join. Do it for your family and country, not for yourself.

I had never asked my brother about Afghanistan or what it was like, but it is interesting seeing what it is like from his point of view.

I am beyond glad that I was able to do the You and the World project on Afghanistan. Ever since my father first told me about my brother being in it, I have always had an open mind for it.

This had definitely been one of the best and favorite projects, thanks Ms Dunn and Guz for helping me all the way through.  

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