The Women's Rights Convention Reflection

The Women’s Rights Convention Reflection

The Seneca Falls woman’s rights convention was an important start to giving women rights. Even though it didn’t seem big in the moment, it helped the movement of mistreatment of women. Women were seen as unless frail humans. They weren’t given the right to even sign documents, that means they can even sign for a divorce. That wasn’t fair. And then the man would get the children, why? The women were the ones who took care of the children but yet the law gives them to man. This convention was to raise awareness of these things. I find it ridiculous. I believe that the convention raised awareness, which brought more women to stand up as decades went by. It came to the point where women wanted the right to vote. Now today women have the right to vote. Many know that it was a big movement. But it’s interesting because this convention was the start of it and not many know about it. Women were mistreated and it was overlooked. A women could even have the right to wear her own cloths, it was the men’s decision. Still today, we comment on slut shaming all based on a stereotype that all women need to cover up. Or they need to please their man. I feel that the convention, if they had the freedom they did now, would stand against this to protect women. That they would think it’s wrong that you don’t have control over your own body. It was especially hard if you were an immigrant because most of the cases the husband would speak english. Giving more of a reason that he would own everything his women can’t, because he is most powerful. I believe this should be in history classes because it’s important to know how society changed over time, including social issues. If women want more social justice, I believe they could get it. If this convention did not happen, awareness on mistreatment of women would not have been as recognized.