The World and You

For my 9th grade english project, entitled "You and the World", we have to blog about something that is going on in the world, or in our own country. I have chosen the topic of climate change and how real it is.

As the human population increases, and the animal population decreases, something else increases. A special something that can make or break the planet we call Earth. And whoa! You guessed it, green house gases. I am sick and tired of those that say it doesn't exists. How can anyone be that naive? How do you think we stay above-30 degrees every year?. Green houses gases of course. Now as that continues to increase, so will the temperature to the point where the next ice age will happen. We've all seen the movies, "Oh it doesn't look that bad." Tell me that when you are living without food, electricity, anything. It's a frozen hell out there. But people are ignorant. "Yeah I'll leave it for the next generation to figure out" At this rate, there won't be a next generation to figure it out. That was just me venting. On to the point.

WE are talking about the here and the now.  Plenty of people are already crying about 2012. Who knows? Maybe the world will end, not from huge tsunamis or catastrophic earthquakes, but from our own acts of greed. Take a good hard look outside your window. All the nice things in life, gone. Hows that for a sucker punch? It doesn't have to happen that way you know. As the saying goes "A drop of water can start an ocean." That isn't happening here. We are going to need billions of people to change their life style, for everyone to unite as one and change for the better. That's not going to happen. Not for a while anyway. In the united states alone, we are responsible for a mass majority of the worlds pollution. Why? Because many many many people are going around living the "American Dream". But they aren't living the "World Dream". That dream keep the world healthy.

Just recently there was a poll concerning how many people in america  actually think that global warming is an actual or serious threat. Here are the results.As you can see, The United States cared even less then they did 2-3 years ago. On the plus side, the world cared just a little bit more, which is a good thing of course. 

I cannot stress enough how much people love money. Money Money Money. As kiddish as this seems, take TV show SpongeBob for example. There is this Krab (It’s spelled right) that owns this successful fast-food restaurant in the show. Man does he love money. If you have seen the show, he would literally do anything to save, keep or make more money. It's crazy but it paints a perfect example of how some people actually are in the world. Money Money Money..... let the world end for some money. You never know sometimes.

Now how might this affect us if you aren't already asking or if you already know. Either or, I'm going to state it anyways. This affects us in the future. What! the FUTURE?!?! Yup the future. Hard concept to understand I know, but very true. As our class has recently learned, there are several type of energy that are available to us. Coal, Natural Gas, Petroleum (The stuff we use in cars) Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, and Solar. Each one has major benefits and set backs. But the long term effects and short term effects are what set them apart. That could be the line between too late, and just in time. Lets say we were to straight up use Coal and Natural Gas as our only source of energy. The amount of disaster that would create. We might as well go put our selves in the oven and sit there. Not only will the world end faster, but we would run out of the stuff before then. Lets say we use straight up Hydro, Wind, and Solar energy? They may cost a lot and be time consuming to build, but the long term effects will by us more time to figure out a solution to our predicament. 

A good example of a very effective dam would be Hoover Dam located in between the state of Nevada, and the state of Arizona. This took five years to build and cost about 50 million dollar. Note that this was constructed during the great depression. As said before, it cost a lot in the beginning but paid for it self eventually. Hoover Dam powers a majority of the west coast. This includes Most of California if not all. Nevada, and Arizona. With every major success, there is some type of major setback as well. Hoover Dam changed the flow of the Colorado river, but prevented flooding as well. Not only that, but it messed up some of the areas around the Dam killing some things off. Mostly fish and plant life.  I would much rather have a small area of land be destroyed by a dam, then see a world voided of Humans because people are too greedy and not caring enough to accept change when it’s needed.

Another day, another dollar.

Another year, another summer.

H-man Out