Thea Risher Media Fluency Reflection

Thea Slide. (4)
In this unit I learned a lot of new information about slides and how to present them. I learned the importance of the visual attraction and appearance of a slide. I learned that in order to make an eye capturing slide, you need a lot more research than I expected. In my new slide, I took out the words on the bottom. I did this because the words distracted the viewer from the main idea of my slide. Also some critics of my slide said that the words on the bottom blended too much in and became hard to read. I also was told that the white font of my name did not go with the color scheme, so I switched all the remaining words to black. I then shifted over the words so they did not get congested with the black of the trees bordering the slide. My research was very important to the creation of this slide because without it I would not know how significant it was to make a pleasing color scheme and add contrast to make your slide more captivating. I also learned the power that open space has in a slide. I learned that big fonts make more of a statement and are more entrancing. Overall, without the help of a lot of research and the constructive criticism of my peers I was able to successfully make a slide that I am proud of. 

Comments (7)

Monie Duong (Student 2020)
Monie Duong

Your slide clearly shows emphasis between the dark black text and bright background. This made it easy to read and focus on the text. Your reflection shows that you improved your slide based on what you learned from your mistakes.

David Hammond (Student 2020)
David Hammond

I think that the slide flows a lot easier after you changed the text and the color of the text. But your name is the first thing I see when i look at the slide which is good.

Justin Peccina (Student 2020)
Justin Peccina

Now that you've removed the words at the bottom, it's easier to focus on your name and the adjectives below your name, which also helps you focus on the overall scenery. The scenery is very peaceful and the words are a very normal, concrete font, so the slide is very easy to look at. I also realized that you moved the words over so you can see them and they aren't going from the trees to the sky. I barely even noticed the words weren't centered until I looked at the project again, so I wasn't annoyed by that. Overall the improvement is very evident. Good job!

Emmett Tsai-McCarthy (Student 2020)
Emmett Tsai-McCarthy

The color of the text really complements the background due to it being a contrasting color to the bright colors of the sky and the black shadow of the trees. And the little amount of texts allows you to take it all in.

Mia Concepcion (Student 2020)
Mia Concepcion

Your change of deleting the text at the bottom and keeping a dark hue throughout your slide created a lot of harmony. Your use of black text and black trees with a brightly colored sky shows contrast well. The text is also large and bolded, and therefore is easy to see. You clearly took the advice you received and made your slide very improved.