This I believe

This, I believe

It’s better to be ugly on the outside then it is on the inside.

You can fix looks, not who you are.

I believe, a person can change

But once a nasty person, always an evil one.

Once the darkness wrapps its hands around the heart

It stains.

I’ve  felt the nasty radiate from fallen purest

So I stepped back to keep my purness.

I was screamed at



Laughed at

Picked at

Nicked at

Sick to where my bones sored and the dark people that surrounded me quivered my blood, and made my muscles into stones.

I was left in a pretty mess.

Survival was needed.

Remember, I am the white pure angel that needs no fixing.

I look upon the darkest hearts and pity them.

For they will never be free.

They will never know the feeling of being lifted in the arms of a loved one

Or notice how beautiful the sun shines down on the world

All over grassy hills and pink sunsets.

How bright your hand becomes as you lift it from the ground into the sky

Knowing that someone else's lonely hand was holding up to the sky too.

To know what it's like to have the corners of your mouth perk up, and let a heavy sound of laughter budge from your belly.

They don’t know the feeling of warmth filling you up all the way in.

They let darkness and hatred consume them.

The ugliness on the inside, they can never fix

Their hearts are stained like gravy on a white t-shirt.

They are broken like the glass scattered from an abandoned home at the end of the block.

They should learn from me.

To feel forgiveness and spread kindness like bees spread pollen.

I pollinate kindness through softly speaking to.