This I Believe

There is one quote I like from one of my favorite actors Jim Carrey. He once said ¨ Forget the pain, Mock the pain, Reduce it. And laugh.¨. I had chronic migraines from March of 2016 to April 6th,2017 the day of my septoplasty but we will see in mid June what my neurosurgeon says if I still have them. I probably had them longer but there is no way to tell.

The 3 days I sat there trying to avoid the discomfort of the stents,stitches,blood covered gauze pad,and trying to avoid sneezing and all without blowing my nose. Yes,that all sucked but in the end I have no headaches and a facelift with a nose job as well. Not only did I get a teenage girl's dream but for 3 days I got to watch my favorite comedians to relieve my pain even though I was not supposed to laugh. So it must true that laughing is the best medicine.

I believe that causing someone it or receiving it from someone laughter is the best medicine to feel better or just at random you don't even have to be sick. For this treatment I could either 1st go and and see the doctor at his office (buying a ticket right to show or movie),or 2nd I could call him and ask him to come to my house (Searching comedian on internet or watching movie on TV or On Demand). Well personally,I have multiple doctors (Comedians) I like to watch every time they are on. Here is the list Gabriel Iglesias,Jeff Dunham,Carlos Mencia,Adam Sandler,Kevin James,David Spade,Chris Farley,Jim Carrey,Joe Gatto,James Murray,Sal Vulcano,Brian Quinn and possibly a few other just to name a few.

I think that for those who have diseases or sickness or even recovering this really helps out. But the best one of all would possibly half to be doing your own comedy for those people. So for example let's say my mom is sick from the flu and she is bored but she does not want to watch TV so I crack some jokes or just at random say funny things and she laughs. I also crack jokes even when someone has surgery so my grandpop had surgery last week so I called him and told him jokes as well.

But if my jokes do not work their is always old plain 1 and 2. Which are going to see a comedian or just my favorite comedians and watching them. But there is one more option and this is probably the best one as well which is go and crack jokes with your friends. So here is an example you are sitting and then something funny happens boom everyone laughs and then we crack jokes laughs some more and then stop and repeat.

So if you want be happy after being sick,surgery or even if not sad at all just go ahead like I do and watch,see,do it yourself or do it with friends laugh and comedy.