This I Believe; Everything Happens For A Reason

Ever since I was little my mom has always said "everything happens for a reason." This quote has always stuck with me. It makes it easy to fall back on. 

About 3 years ago my grandma passed away. This was a hard thing for everyone in my family to deal with. My family is on the small side, with about 10 close members. So losing my grandma, which was the first person in my life to die, it was extremely hard. My grandma died on July 7. The last holiday we all spent together as a family was July 4th and we made sure it was special. From the day we found out she had cancer and that the cancer was slowly just going to kill her, we made every day amazing and with her. 

My grandma had been on oxygen tanks for as long as I could remember and basic everyday tasks were a big struggle for her. She did a lot of sitting and eating and asking us to get her things from around the house. When we went out I use to roll her tanks around and everyone watched her close to make sure she was doing okay and wasn't straining herself. I know she had a hard life.

The doctors told us she was going to live for about 3 more months but within the following 3 weeks she got extremely sick and passed away, and she passed when she was alone in the room and soundly in her sleep. I know she was a strong woman and held on as long as she could. 

She meant so much to us, and dealing with this is still hard to this day, but as my mom has always said, "everything happens for a reason." We try to keep this mind set when dwelling on the lose. It was time for my grandma to be put out of her suffering and to relax. God had called on her and wanted her to come home. The death of my grandma was suppose to happen and it had been planned from the day she set foot on this Earth that on July 7, 2009 she would part from us. 

This lose is still hard to deal with, but knowing that this is how things are suppose be and that she is happy and enjoying herself, it makes me able to bare with the absents of her. I know one day I will join her and so will everyone in my family; we will, one day be a whole family again. 

And that day I know is planned out and I will wait for that day to come.