this is my identity

Lil westbrook
ms hall

The reason why i choosed the way i decorated the slide was because, everything i put on it was something that i love or enjoy using. My slide included a basketball,icon of instagram,snapchat,and youtube. I put youtube because, i vlog on youtube, what it means to vlog is to, either react to funny vines or anything people enjoy, and to record yourself during daily activities. I made my slide  simple because, too much design can mess up your slide. If you're just truthful on what you really use every single day, it should just followed up with facts and opinions. The things that influenced me to become a youtuber is, Adam Saleh, he is a muslim just like me, he has over 1 million subscribers, and he tell people too never give up, he just my role model. Also social media is involved on all of these apps, i love to communicate to other all around the world. its our responsibility to absorb our thoughts,enjoy and to learn new things about social media at a early age. Technology is a huge thing that can affect you in a positive and negative way, you always have to be careful. Even though the internet is a fun thing to explore, there will always be hackers who are trying to ruin your fun and play.