Tim's Media Fluency(The Second Chance)

From the critique of my peers that I presented my second slide to, I made a few key changes. One of the changes that I made was all of the spacing between all of my pictures that made it distracting to the eye with the already moving gif pictures and the multi-colored, moving background. The actual change that I made was a more basic background, and only one gif image, Which balanced the movement by being unbalanced. What I mean by this is that the Moving image was in the middle of two non-moving images.
Another major change that I made was making big wording with multiple colors that contrasted with color of the background behind them. 
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Comments (9)

Alina Seing (Student 2020)
Alina Seing

I believe that you should've stayed with one background because its is more eye catching but having two background color is very distracting. But I believe that everything else is well positioned.

Thomas Gualtieri (Student 2020)
Thomas Gualtieri

The formatting is good but the background is distracting and there should be more focus on you then on Kevin Hart. Overall there's much improvement made from the first slide. Nice Work.

William Flenner (Student 2020)
William Flenner

The gifs in the picture are really eye catching and fun to look at. I would suggest equal sizing of the side gifs, that would make the slide then look as if it were done by a professional.

Benjamin Rivera (Student 2020)
Benjamin Rivera

Timothy you improve your previous slide but I still think that you could have chosen 1 background because then it starts to look unorganized also your writing isn't centered

Teyonna Little (Student 2020)
Teyonna Little

Timothy, you really improved your slide. I can see clearly that you took our advice and decided to make that your background. The contrast really works and overall you did a good job.