"Time" by Roger Bracy

Thinking about what story to base this last english benchmark on I was clueless wasting my time procrastinating. I waited, until I came across this video. I was doing my regular rounds of internet surfing. Through a long stretch on Facebook I discovered a video that spark this idea about time. A young man about the age of 23 from Harlem, New York was speaking on time. He told the viewers that they have 84,600 seconds a day to live. He then compared it to the fanatical aspect saying, if you had 84,600 dollars in your bank account every day that you’d spend it as much as you could each day and get the most out of those 84,600 dollars. He concluded that time works the same way, our 84,600 seconds we get each day should be used to get the most out of each day.

Rolling on this train of information my mind arose, as I was looking over twitter and I notice an image of a clock. Now the clock in this picture was getting stretched in two directions. One side was easy to figure out, common apps we use everyday like a phone call Facebook or Instagram. The other side of the photo let the viewer know that there was a person that  the clock (representative of the time) belonged to. All of this fell into my theme of ways we waste time which is actually one of the most important and FREE qualities of our lives as humans.

These are the things I hoped to get the viewer (along with myself ) to gain during this Story "Time":


Time is valued to some and overlooked by others.

We as human are taught directly out of the womb, what day and time we are born.

As humans, universally, we count how many years, months, days, and seconds we have spent on this earth

Time is very valuable because time isn’t refundable.

Time isn’t just paid at an hourly rate. Time is all around us, anywhere you venture there is time posted up walls wrist and cellphones.


The Relationship between time and humans will have analyzed into a story about how we concede, sponsor, and  dissipate it our everyday lives

I will have story full of real people and their interviews on how they view their time on this earth.