To - Hull Room Perspective

     This project was to instructed to help art students look at and draw perspectives in 3D using their point of view and the things around them​ drawn out. We started off with drawing simple boxes and then slowly moved on to windows and ceiling tiles. Ms. Hull didn't start us off easy, it was hard from the get go. Everything she gave us, we learned with her guidance. Learning this technique was a challenge but starting this technique off in the very beginning will help all of us young artists in the long run.  

   The technique helped us draw a room as how we saw it. Perspective drawing teaches you how to draw things using orthogonal, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines all connecting to the vanishing point. The vanishing point is found at the center of the back wall of your picture. In all, learning this technique was a roller coaster ride between "I got this" (easy) and "Oh no, I'm going to fail!" (hard).

     Wondering what you're looking at? 
This is a picture of my perspective of Ms. Hull's art studio. We started off drawing in our sketch books after watching a tutorial of how to draw things using orthogonal, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines all connecting to the vanishing point. After drawing the tutorial (Right side window, left side door, left side floor mat, back  wall, and sky light / drop ceiling), we started on a new one and learned how to draw a pole connected to the corners, ceiling tiles, and ceiling lights. The next class, we were ready to do the real thing. Ms. Hull gave us all uneven amount of papers and we, as a class had trouble with drawing out the rooms and walls. After countless times of erasing, I finally got the back wall and ceiling outline down. For the next step, it was drawing out the ceiling tiles, that was the step I forgot, so I had my friend, Dakota explain to me how to draw ceiling tiles. After that, I drew out all the wall details along with the windows, tables, paintings, chairs, and drawers/cabinets (in order). 

     The easiest part of this project was adding all the little details from the floor border to the little pictures near the pole. Adding details, to me was always fun because I would look down at my picture and back up and compare how they looked and how close my drawing as to the real thing.

      The hardest part was finding the sizes of my back wall, drawing the apron to my windows, and free handing the rugs/sofa chairs. Free hand was hard because I didn't draw it out nice enough and it didn't look as precise as I wanted it too and it was really hard to fix.

     Out of all my class mates I chose to pick Nick Doroba. His picture seemed like is was hard to draw because of the small room he had to incorporate into his perspective drawing. 

Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 9.11.41 AM
Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 9.11.41 AM