Tommy Conley Capstone

For my capstone I wanted to represent my love for film, t.v. and video, through editing. I made a reel or ‘edit’ of shots from over 35 media sources, all of which are important to me in some way or another. I scanned through around 50 hours of films (and t.v. and videos), rewatching some, searching for shots that were either significant to me or that were visually appealing. I found the song I would use, AI by theMIND, deep within the soundcloud of a favorite artist of mine (confirming any possible copyright issues). I marked every waveform that I wanted to edit on, and then started to assemble and order clips so that the ordering conveys progression. The longest part of the process was definitely selecting clips - I was doing this for a couple weeks before I moved on to actual editing. The edit also includes a small animated bit, where I drew over top about 20 frames of a video using microsoft paint. My final product somewhat serves as a look into my life, but also contains sylization that I am proud of. It also showcases cinematography in a way that a typical viewer might not view it. 

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