Tonal Twine

Here I am again. I am in the same place I always have been, but now I am somewhere different. I still ponder the same questions and have the same complaints. Why is it always the guy next to me? It just isn’t fair. I work all the time. No rest when you’re being pulled from both ways. Even when I get what I want, it still hurts. I don’t know what it is about it, that makes me desire it. I guess there is a sort of satisfaction when the vibrations start. As they progress it starts to hurt. Towards the end, every fiber of my being starts to ache. A lot of the time, when she wants to stop the vibrations sooner, she presses down on me, which hurts even worse, although I don’t mind, now that I am no longer zooming about. I just don’t like how that one part of me gets bent into the cold hard metal, causing that one part to sting. I hate it so much. Why do I desire it so? What an annoyance, to feel so mixed. I feel as if I am going to split in two if I get no release. An occasional whack on the bar below me and not much more to her technique. And what is this? I see it coming towards me, as if time has slowed down for a while. That thin piece of plastic. The use of it implies some difficulty in her what she is doing. Why me? Why now?

Suddenly I am hit, but not how I am supposed to be hit, there is some reluctance. This hit is more of a slip. There is no intention for such a thing to happen on her part. Such motion will grant me no satisfaction. I begin to vibrate at the plastic moves away from me. It hurts more than usual. Could this be because I have not been hit in such a long time? Or maybe it because of the awkward stiffness to her motion. The twist in her hand seemed to indicate pain, but this is different because it does not look like pain exactly. I cannot see anything that could cause her pain close to anything that I experience on a daily basis. Maybe she is just like me, being stretched out, long and thin. I cannot think of a way to know for sure. As these thoughts cross my mind over the time of a split second, something is happening in the world around me.

Sudden color comes back to the world as my sound emits. I hear a sort of groan come from above. She must be unhappy. I hope this is not the case. It is true that she is a cruel mistress, however I wish nothing but the best for her. After all, she may rarely pay attention to me, but when she does, is the best thing in the world to me.

I feel myself being lifted. I recognize this part of the cycle. It has happened many times before. I know what will happen next. The same thing as always. Nothing but darkness, however I am not alone, I will always have the guy next to me. It will not be long until I can see the light again.