Trash: An Emo's Tale

If we assume the Metamoraphsis is a perfect representation of the modernist era, then what represents our time? 

We chose to make something somewhat satirical, making fun of the stigma around mental illness despite the rampant rise in diagnoses and the availablity of information that this generation has. We felt that these issues were best represented in the form of a book, as it gave us space to give detail and show day to day life for the main character, Callie. We set up a Twitter and a Tumblr account as our main character, post as if we were this character. Due to it's satirical nature, these social media pages make light of heavy subjects. We also made a book trailer promoting this work of fiction as well as an audiobook preview which can be found in the links below. 

Book trailer, audiobook, and review can be found here: 

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