Trip to Espaa

      This project was to help our friend Noah learn how to speak Spanish. So we came up with a story of our friend going to Spain and how we are teaching him Spanish, that way Noah is able to look at our video and learn for himself.

After watching the video we created, Noah should be able to...
  • hold basic convocations with people about himself and how he is doing
  • order food and say thank you
  • say what he did in the past summer. 
First, we found it very important to be able to talk to people even if it's only very basic. People are going to be the ones helping you with things you need so you should be able to talk to them. Also everyone eats and when you're hungry, there is nothing worse then not being able to get food because you can't say what you want. Also the goal of the project was to teach Noah how to talk about last summer, which is an important thing to him.

In the group we did a really good job on being serious and filming the scenes and making them look good. We really worked well together in that part and was albeit o get it done kind of fast. If we had more time, we wouldn't of waited until the day before/of to film and maybe given ourselves a more spaced out time line.

The question we have for Noah is, did this movie help you?  Do you feel it helped improve your level of Spanish? Why or why not?