Trosario Jade Jewels

Jade Jewels

By Taina M. Rosario

Ty-lee Siang- is a Japanese girl, age 16. Has black long hair, green eyes and curvy (causing men to want her). Her parents were poor. She sings like and angel and her Best friend is Matsuri.

Older Ty-lee- grey haired, cane, but still graceful

Mameo- runner of the Okiya, older woman, with a pipe, grey hair, but still fiery

Matsuri Khan- is a Japanese girl, age 18. She has short black hair, brown eyes, and an athletic build.

Hikuro Dashai- a young Japanese doctor, who falls for Ty-lee, but is betroth to Metsuki. Age 22

Sora Bien- friend and colleague of Hikuro, who does not like Ty-lee, loves Hikaru (like a brother), but wants Metsuki. Age 23

Anamora Kyuu- a geisha, who is in love with a woman. Is an enemy of Ty-lee at first but things change. Age 26

Mr. Fujioka- a lawyer, father of Metsuki, lust after Ty-lee. Age 45

Metsuki Fujioka- Daughter of Mr. Fujioka, Betroth to Hikuro, Hates Ty-lee, Small and not curvy, average looking. Age 18


Act 1, Scene 1


--- An older Ty-lee sits in a chair with a desk in front of her as she writes onto a stack of papers. She reads the story out loud as she writes along  ---


My name is Ty-lee Siang and I shall tell you the story of my long past, so that you may know how proud I am to say that I am here. When I was about nine years of age, my mother died of a sickness unknown to my father and myself. Once my mother had died my father fell ill. There were no others in my family that could work, so we fell into dept. One day as I tried to cook a meal for us a horse and carriage pulled down the road stopping in front of our house. My father went out to meet the man that hopped off the drivers seat.

(Slight pause, deep breath)

I could not hear their conversation but saw their lips moving. My father pointed into the house and called my name. As I walked out the man . . .

(voice filled with distaste)

gripped my arm within his grisly and filthy hand. He pulled me towards him, moved my disorganized hair to get a better look at my face. He looked at my father with a crooked smile as he said that I would be perfect.

(Desperate emotion)

I screamed for my fathers help

(Exasperated sigh)

but he simply collected the money he had sold his only daughter for. I yelled and kicked, trying to fight my way from the man, but I was . . . Not. Even. A. Threat to his massive form. As he threw me roughly into the back of the carriage I watched my life slip away.

(Strained voice)

I didn’t know if I would ever see my home again. What would become of me? Where was I to go? Or why my father would do this to me?

(The woman places her head in her propped up hands as she sobs softly)


Act 1, Scene 2


--- A teenage Ty-lee lies on her stomach on a Japanese floor bed as she scribbles into a notebook. She talks to herself as she writes furiously ---


I cannot stand this place.

(Sucks teeth)

It’s horrible here. ‘Mother’ does not let me leave the Okiya, the house in which she keeps me and the other girls. The only person I have is Matsuri Khan she so sweet and quiet. She has been here longer than I have, almost since birth, while that

(spits the word)

man brought me here five years ago when I was nine. I never expected that I was going to be sold into being a Geisha’s slave. (Anger)

It’s not fair they force me to care for Anamora Kyuu, she is the leading geisha yet she has the worst attitude.

(Stands up and paces back and forth while writing, hisses with the idea)

I should tell ‘Mother’ I know that Anamora has been sneaking around to see a woman. If only ‘Mother’ knew, Anamora would be punished.


Not only are geisha forbidden to fall in love but also how would it look if a geisha fell in love with a woman.

(lies back down, no longer writing, day-dreaming face, wrings ands together)

 Maybe I should tell her? ‘Mother’ would certainly promise to let me study to be a geisha, and then I could pay back my fathers dept and leave this horrid place.

(Head perks up as if name called)

(Rolls eyes, groans)

I’ll be right there Anamora

(unhappily stands, sighs, and hurriedly hides notebook, then rushes out of the room.)


Act 1, Scene 3


--- Hikuro Dashai paces back and forth in front of his colleague and friend. ---


When I was walking down in the market I saw the most beautiful girl.

(Pauses, then annoyed voice, looks over at Sora)

Sora don’t Hikuro me, she was amazing.

(Calms down)

I looked at her face; it was snow white with dark red lips. With in this one glance I looked up into her eyes.

(Sighs contently, runs hands through hair)

They were unlike any ones I’ve ever seen. They were green like jade beads. She was stunning. I must meet her.

(pauses, rolls eyes, turns away)

Tsk I don’t care if she can’t fall back in love with me.

(turns back)

What makes you think she is a geisha?

(pauses, angered face)

 So . . . that makes no difference to me.

(pauses, Slumped shoulders, Pleading)

 Sora come on you did not see her. You did not here her laugh. (Day dreaming sigh)

She was gorgeous.


Well no, but I,

(interrupted pause, hands turn upwards while near face)

But it

(interrupted pause throws arms downward in anger)

Damn it Sora just listen to me. I don’t care. Even if she is!

(pause, sits down listening, disappointed)

I know that I am supposed to marry Metsuki, but this was the kind of girl you could grow old with.

(puts head in hand while resting them on knee, pause)

Ok maybe I am a bit love stuck but who know what could happen?

(pause Stands up quickly)

Yeah I might not see her again

(crosses fingers behind back, slings other arm around Sora, and leaves the room)



Act 1, Scene 4


--- Mr. Fujioka, with his acquaintance as they sit and drink in the company of Anamora, Ty-lee, and Mameo---


My dear ladies

(the three women come around and serve them saki)

How are you this evening.

(pauses, Looks directly at Ty-lee)

Mameo who is this delicate young flower in my presence?

(Pauses for Mameo’s response)

Ty-lee you say? I would enjoy in hearing her play the shamisen. She must be a wonder at that.

(Waits as Ty-lee goes up, Whispers to Mameo as Ty-lee starts to play)

She is most phenomenal, with those green eyes. She has a lot of earth in her soul. Has she completed her training yet?

(Pauses, face saddens)

I see she is still in training

(Forced pause a smile mixed with realization spreads across his face)

Ah, she has a mere two moons left. Will you be having a coming out Gala for her?

(Pauses as he takes a swig of his saki while gaining a response)

Please add me to the invitation list.

(medium length pause, Sits in awe as Ty-lee sings to herself yet is heard)

My, my, the earth in her soul has blessed her with the voice of an angel.

(Pause, he is tapped on his shoulder leans towards his acquaintance, listens to his aquaintance)

I understand

(stands up on his way to leave)

My dears I am disappointed to say that it is time for us to be leaving

(Walks over to Ty-lee, who stands up and bows, he bows in return talking her hand, smooth soft voice, almost sultry)

I will see you again soon, Ms. Ty-lee

(kisses her hand puts on his hat, and over-coat)

(walks out of the room while whispering to his acquaintance with determinacy)

I will have her. 

Act 1, Scene 5


--- Metsuki sits in her room, in front of the vanity as she brushes her hair --- 


(knock is heard)

Come in

(looks towards the door pause)

Ooh Hikuro, what a pleasant surprise.

(walks over, switching, and seductively wraps arms around Hikuro, pause)

But I don’t want to let go.

(pouts as her arms are removed, pauses)

So did you come to visit me or is there

(lies on her side on the bed)

something you want?

(Sits up quickly, pauses)

Well then, what is the big thing that you need for us to talk about?

(Crosses arms over chest, as she looks at Hikuro with judgmental eyes, pauses)

(Speaks with annoyance)

Very funny Hikuro,

(walks over to vanity short pause, asks softly)

Now what was it you really came for?

(Pausings while listening, Starts to brush hair again as she grows angrier)

(Turns towards him as she sit in her chair)

What do you mean you aren’t joking. You have to marry me! We have already told all of our families. You are not leaving me.

(pause, Starts to cry)

How dare you, try to make me feel better.

(Throws brush at him)

Get out, get out now. There will be a marriage.

(Hikuro quickly walks out avoiding other miscellaneous objects, Metsuki - deep breath from being furious)

Even if I have to drag you there my self you will marry me Hikuro Dashai.

(Pause, yells very loudly)


(Throws more stuff, knocks over her vanity, causing the mirror to break.)

(Yells again, while crying)


(throws herself on to the bed, as her father walks in. He sits on the bed with her)

(muffled sobs, Looks up with a tear stained and make-up ruined face)

Daddy it isn’t fair, it isn’t fair


Hikuro is what happened.


He doesn’t want to marry me Daddy.


You promised me that I could marry him.

(Pauses, Tantrum, points a finger at her father)

Give me what I want or I’ll tell mother about you going out with you friends to see geishas, when you should be going to meetings for work.

(Pauses, as her father starts to leave)

You had better try Damn it.

(Places her head back down on her bed.)


Act 1, Scene 6


--- Mameo sits in her offices, with a pipe in her mouth, sifting through paperwork ---


(a knock is heard, Mameo does not look up, but mutters)

Come in

(pause to listen while still looking through papers, looks up, removes pipe from mouth)

What do you want Matsuri?

(places pipe in listens, takes pipe out interrupts with a loud voice)

Speak up girl I can barely hear you.

(places pipe back in, pause to listen, takes pipe out, aggravated)

Grief child, that is all you bring, give me the damned letter.

(snatches the letter that Matsuri has in her outstretched hand as she bows, speaks around the pipe)

Now leave me. Wait

(takes the pipe out, stands up reads the front of the letter)

Send Ty-lee here.

(Matsuri leaves, Mameo opens and skims the letter as she holds the pipe in one hand and a shocked look spreads across her face. Ty-lee walks in and bows)

(Soft loving voice)

My sweet girl, there has been a bid for your precious young flower.

(pause, Laughs softly)

Your virginity my dear.

(Pauses while listening)

Why Mr. Fujioka, he was the highest bidder. You must go to him tomorrow,

(puts pipe on the table, excited, rant as she looks through a dresser)

I will let you wear my most sacred Kimono. It is white with a soft sakura bud design flowing across.

(Interrupted pause, disbelieving soft laughing while saying)

What do you mean you do not want to give him your virginity?

(Pause, listens, face grows hard and cold)

How dare you, you insolate little girl. He is a patron and is paying for this?

(Furious anger, as she grips Ty-lee by the arm)

What would you rather GIVE

(shakes Ty-lee vigorously)

your virginity away to some poor fish market worker who is not worthy of you?

(Throws Ty-lee to the floor, then points at her)

You will go to him tomorrow. Now leave my sight before I punish you for your disrespect.

(Sits in her chair with a slump position, as if from the stress, places pipe back in, takes a puff and lets out a long sigh)

How could she repay me like this, I made her the geisha she is today. Just another ungrateful girl just like Anamora

(sighs to herself as she goes back the looking at the paperwork)


Act 1, Scene 7


--- Ty-Lee sits at her desk as she writes a letter ---



(scribbles the word, throws the quill onto the table)

Ugh, no I cannot do it. I cannot tell Hikuro what is to become of me. He will surely hate me forever.

(Places face in her hands as she sobs softly)

(Matsuri comes in, and Ty-lee looks up)

Matsuri, I cannot tell Hikuro that I have to give my self to Mr. Fujioka. What would he think of me? Surely he would not longer desire my company after I am no longer pure.

(Listens, a sad smile spreads across her face, soft voice) 

But he cannot love me so there is no chance that he does.

(Listens again)

Fine I will write to him but what should I tell him. If I was to say I love him, it would be improper

(interrupted, listening with wide eyes as she is stood up. Matsuri hugs Ty-lee)

(Ty-lee starts to pace back and forth as Matsuri sits on her bed.)

But what consequences would await me if I did tell him. I could end up like Anamora, alone on the street with nothing and no one. I could never risk

(interrupted again listening slight angered tone)

Of course Hikuro means a lot to me but

(interrupted, listens)

Fine I will right him, but I need you to help me tell him. What should I right?

(Listens intently as she sits at the desk again)

Fine, lets see

(picks up quill, and starts to write)

My dear Hikuro

(looks back at Matsuri, who nods her head, Ty-lee takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly)

Although we have only spent a mere few outings together, I feel that I know you.

(Dreamy and dazed voice)

As if I am capable of tell you everything about myself. I truly believe I am falling in love with you. I know that it seems crazy, inconsiderate, maybe even unbelievable, but it is true. When I sing at the bars I feel as if I am singing for you to hear me. Maybe even for you to find me and take me away.

looks up and out of the window as if imagining a different life,

(then looks down as tear well up)

But sadly I must inform you that the life I lead does not allow my love to be freed. By the time you receive this letter, I will no longer be the same girl you once knew. My last shred of hope has been sold away, for I am to meet with Mr. Fujioka in three days time and lose my purity.

(Sobs, as tears stain the paper, she gently tries to wipe away the tears with the tips of her fingers)

I apologize if the time I spent with you now feels wasted, but I can tell you that they were the happiest moments of my life. I promise that I will never forget you. Sealed with in this letter is my love – Ty-lee Siang

(she rolls the letter into a scroll and tries it also sliding in a small branch from a cherry blossom tree, that he had once given her)

Here Matsuri

(breaths hard as the tears roll down her cheeks and outstretches her arm to give Matsuri the scroll)

I need you to give that to him for me.

(she hands it over then places her head on the table as she cries more. Matsuri leaves)

(whispers to herself softly)

My sweet Hikuro, I am sorry

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