Trump Vs. Jack

Anthony Nelson 3/21/19


Silver Stream

Trump Vs. Jack

What has often been found true throughout history is that an imbalance of power leads to corruption. The temptation to put personal gain over the community has been documented by countless examples. In William Golding’s Lord of The Flies, it depicts how power can affect people negatively no matter their social class. It shows the raw uncensored version of what it looks like to see children who act violently towards one another drive themselves and others crazy all because of the need for power on what was a deserted island. Despite the fact this novel is fictitious it still illustrates how dangerously power hungry people can be. Furthermore, the main intention of Lord of the Flies was to symbolize politicians who prioritize personal gain over developing a more functional society for the citizens. The need and wanting of power in this book just displays how important a factor that power was in that time period as well as our time period now. Why? The higher social status you have, the stronger you are in society, no matter where you are. There is no way that you can have a high rank position and have no power whatsoever.

A prime example of this is the president of the United States, Donald Trump. He is a powerful man because of his excessive financial wealth making him worth over a billion dollars. he is responsible for running a land mass of 50 states. When it comes to trying to provide what’s best for the people that he chose to run and serve for, some say that he hasn’t done anywhere near the best that he can do for the people. I mean sure, he has done stuff for the wealthy, but for people that are not high middle class or up, matter none whatsoever to him because he doesn’t care, he talks about “Making America Great Again” according to NBC but then he does careless things that set America further and further back in the tracks of “Making America Great Again”. Much like Jack, one of the boys stranded on the island, he is more straightforward and is always trying to assert his dominance in the book from when they were trying to hunt and he was so passionate about getting blood on his hands, you see what I’m getting at? He literally said “We’d hunt it and kill it.” If a murder hungry child doesn’t scream corrupt then I don’t know what does.

Another example of this is like when Jack isolated himself and a few other children from the group. He did this because he wanted to have the power to rule over all of the children in the way that he wanted and when they didn’t want to be ruled by him and have him in the position of power, he did not like that, he is quoted saying “He says things like Piggy. He isn’t a proper chief” so he took it upon himself to leave from the other children and start his own civilization and became his own chief and from that point on, it led to the collapse of the somewhat society that the children had created when they were able to communicate ad all have an even distribution of power but once Jack became power hungry, he caused the collapse of the island because he wanted all of the power and wasn’t satisfied much like our friend Mr. Donald Trump. Trump likes to be in power in every situation. When him and Kim Jong Un were threatening each other with nuclear bombs, what did you think that was? For fun possibly? NO! It was the fact that Trump was trying to assert his power as president of the United States. Power has a very important effect on society no matter the way you look at it, it’s unfortunate when it results in the collapse of a society but what can you do about a power hungry person? There are limited options, some of which many people aren’t most fond of.

Most importantly are the costs of power that are not reversible. In some scenarios, people in power make mistakes that will have a drastic change of things going on in a split second. When it comes to the book, there is one specific scene here piggy is killed by mistake by a rock that is pushed down a hill/cliff by Roger, one of Jack’s minions, the book quotes “Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment, leaned all his weight on the lever.” This shows how Jack affects Rogers decision making because his leader is so violent.  If Jack and his minions weren’t trying to terrorize Piggy by shoving a boulder off of a cliff to kill him then things in the book would have been a lot different. If Piggy would have never died then would Ralph have almost been killed? If Jack was it so power hungry, would piggy still have been killed by someone under Jack's’ influence? In this case this reminds me of the innocent people killed across seas because of the wars that Trump is causing with other people. According to News Weekly, the US Army under Trump's’ orders . This shows how the person in power doesn’t consider how what they do can affect the people around them, they are just worried about seizing the moment that is open and that is where they fail because when sacrificing one piece, Trump is making himself so much more vulnerable. With the strong evidence I have provided you with, I have proved my thesis.

In conclusion, being i power is a hard position to maintain and yes, it is the root of all evil and with power comes the lack to look into all of the possible outcomes of the decisions you make in power, this causing problems i which size varies, someone could die or a civilization could lose everything that one civil about it thus pointing the blame back to the person who caused this slippery slope because of one sloppy decision that they made. It’s not fair but life is not fair so what can you do? Overall though, hopefully this essay was very eye opening to the way that power affect people and hopefully you enjoyed this essay!

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