Turning Off the Translator Part 3

  1. Who you spoke with and why you chose that partner:

    1. - SharedTalk; Alberto

  2. What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?

      - I learned that Alberto is 17 and is in high school. He's good at math and wants to study computers. His mother tried to get him to draw and do architecture but he didn't like it because he wasn't very good at it. I also learned that he's been studying english for two years and wants to continue learning. 
  3. /How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goals?

      I think this was helpful to me because I got to practice my conversation skills more. I used the translator only three times and two were just to make sure I was understanding completely what he was saying. This helps me in my goal to stop using the translator because it proves my idea that if i keep practicing talking to people, phrases and words will stick to memory and then I won't have to look them up as often. 
  4. What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations? What specifically to you need to improve on?

    - I think specifically i made sure I only used the translator as a last resort and I didn't try to say things that were too hard for my vocabulary. From this though I realized that I need to further expand my vocabulary. Because of this I plan to continue using sharedtalk and learn from experience. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-03 at 12.28.45 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-03 at 12.28.45 PM
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Screen Shot 2012-05-03 at 12.45.55 PM