Tuyet Corson Capstone

The topic is international children and the effects of being abandoned or separated from family. I have struggled with being adopted out of the country I was raised in.

Working on the project I want hope to learn what are some similarities kids have when being left by them self and what are the differences in which a kid takes the experience.  This project will enable me to have a better view and give me some answer on why kids of separation have different outlooks on the world. By the end of this project I want give people an understanding of why kids that are separated may be put in the same small confined box but have to always find their way out on their own.

The project in which I will do is a video project that is interactive.  I want people not just see a movie but understand what it really all about and that's what kids can understand and have to remember in their lifetime. How growth is not all was just physical but it can be a very mental mind game.

Learning goal I have is to have independent research and interviews and get the full Idea.  I wanted to study and and learn about this goal because I have only one sided view in where I was going and to understand both sides you have to take an outsider perspective and stay true to what you believe as well.

Adoption and the effects it has on families and the adopted

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This source is giving reason behind the behavior of adopted children and how to handle the adopted in long term basis. Sourced is used to be help in getting the different expectation as a parent. This site is credible and uses multiple sub sources to define the key information presented.    

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Laws and how to have a consecrated adoption within the justice system. Sourced used to understand how adoption was considered in the past in considered of the present adoption. Laws that have been placed by Harvard law and sourced by verdicts in the judicial system.

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Single Father and how a child is still part of person will can still mean that you are responsible for child. Source of how family handle children when the main parent is not around. Credible by law and how it was a case in the USA governmental system.

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This is talking about adoption and the effects on the kids and why they may have these problems. Use opens up the causes of how adoption affect the adopted.U.S Department of health is a credible source and organization because they would not skim on facts and helping the public.

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What are rights that be can be take away from an adoptive family or a biological family for a period of time then can regain rights. Used in explaining the loopholes in the system or adoption that people have exploited before. U.S Department of health is a credible source and organization because they would not skim on facts and helping the public.

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Updated source about the world's orphan system and data in the last couple years. Sources by Unicef and other organizations that are credible. Uses of data to see what are the changes that have been happening around the world when it comes to orphans and adoption.

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Explains the differences between what adoption is and what fostering and and how the differ and could be the same. This is adoption and foster care network that is not just throwing out random information but give clear definition to what they are speaking to. This can give a parallel to why these two things are closely connect and separated at the same time.

Duplantier, F. R. "The True History Of Orphanages -- Week of June 16, 1996." America's Future. 7800 Bonhomme, Nov.-Dec. 2013. Web. 03 Feb. 2017. This is the history on how Orphanages came to be from there start to end. Give us more information on why these is not just a world topic but a systematic topic within society and why we have children have nowhere else to go. This is a history website and has and uses other credible sources for their information.

Abdi, Kifah. "Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children." Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare. University of Minnesota, 2014. Web. 03 Feb. 2017. This is the background and knowledge of the underground foundation of child trafficking. Getting into how adoption is not always legal and how it is connducted is not always safe. Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare is
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