Tyanna Pleasant Ethnomusicology

I put a lot of effort into the Ethnomusicology project. I interview three people, my mother, and two of my neighbors. They gave me the songs the liked from their time and the year I asked them for. They questioned me asking what is this for, and what class is it for, and what will I be doing with the information they gave me and where will it be. I told them it's for a history project. We are studying ethnomusicology and its going to be put on a wikispace under 10-20-30 then click on my name.
The best part of this project was going around and asking people about their favorite song. It gave me a clue on what was their favorite Genre and artist at that time.
The most challenging part was gathering the information and putting it together on the wiki in a way by which it is easy to read and understand what it is with no questions asked about it. So that someone can look at it and know exactly what they are looking at.

Click here to view my Ethnomusicology project.