Tytianna Broadwater's Capstone

The Capstone Project was made to give me the opportunity to express myself in a creative way while also showing my knowledge on the topic. My capstone was to design and create dance costumes, gymnastics leotards and accessories for the two sports. In order to do so I had to find a mentor, present a proposal, a timeline and then complete all task. My timeline had specific goals to help get my capstone done in an orderly fashion. At times, I fell behind on my timeline because there's was a lot to do at once. When that happened it was important of me to reevaluate my goal, talk to my mentor and find a way to get all necessary task complete. 

The finished products for my capstone included 3 leotards, 3 dance costumes, 2 bags, 10 hair accessories and something to work out in. I am proud of my final product because my original goal was not that much. However, I wanted to present the work in a magazine and just 6 things would not have been enough for a magazine. 

I plan on becoming a fashion designer after college and completing this capstone I learned a lot about what I would be doing in my future career. I did the process of making sketches come to life. I had to learn to make things on a deadline. I learned how to pose models, how to talk to a photographer and how to make a magazine in a way that would compliment the clothing while being appealing to the eye. 

Liukin, Nastia. "NEW Nastia Liukin Collection." Issuu. GK Elite, June 2013. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

I found this source useful because its a gymnastics magazine and all designs were designed by a former gymnast. It also gave me an idea as what I wanted my magazine to look like. After looking through the magazine I was aware of what kind of paper they used. I also looked at the order. I really liked the layout. The first page had a picture of Nastia, a picture of her with a model and a short explanation of her work and her partnership with GK. She had one picture on each page of the model, and then the clothes on mannequins with the price. At the end of the magazine she had a quote from a famous designer and her in the work room. The magazine opened my eyes to different ways I could lay out my magazine. 

Colgrove, Debbie. "Basic Sewing Techniques for Sewing a Halloween Costume or School Play Costumes." About Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source was useful because it gave me new ideas and a different way to do certain techniques. Some of the the techniques I never heard of before, which helped a lot because it gave me more options in ways I could go with my designs. Some of the techniques on the page I already knew about, however they executed differently than what I would have done. It really helped with one costume in particular. I was having a hard time finding a specific type of material and the website had a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the fabric myself. 

"Kellé Company - Dance Costumes, Dancewear, Dance Clothes, Dance Apparel,." Kellé Company - Dance Costumes, Dancewear, Dance Clothes, Dance Apparel, Jazz Costumes, Lyrical Costumes, Kids Costumes, Competition Costumes, Recital Costumes. Kellé Company, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This website was my biggest inspiration. Kellé Company is one of the biggest dance costume distribution around. When I was a dancer this is where all of my costumes were ordered from. They are cute and they are different. Their costume designs are not like other costumes but they don't go too far. Due to the difference in their costumes they helped me design my costumes. I noticed their techniques and what they did to keep their company number 1. I still have some of my old costumes and I looked at the fabrics and how the costume was sewn.

"GK Elite Gymnastics - Special Order Women's Long Sleeve Leotards." GK Elite Gymnastics - Special Order Women's Long Sleeve Leotards. GK Elite, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source was useful because of their popularity in the gymnastics world. At every competition if not all, almost all teams are wearing GK leotards. The good thing about GK is they have a feature on their website where you can design a leotard based off of templates. That feature helped when designing my leotards because I was able to see what looked good and what didn't before I put it n paper. Another good thing about the website is they do more than just one kind of leotard. They also have a partnership with Under Amour and Adidas. That was helpful because I got to see the difference is what the two companies thought and how they came together to make something.

Vogue, and Butterick. The Vogue/Butterick Step-by-step Guide to Sewing Techniques. New York: Prentice Hall, 1989. Print.

This book was helpful because of the year it was made. Over time the teaching and techniques of sewing has changed. The book was written when techniques were different and its better to have more than on way of doing something. I was taught how to sew at an actual sewing shop by younger people. Im not sure who they were taught by but the techniques in the book were different than the techniques I was taught. Not all were different and some were a little different. Everyone has a different way of doing things, sometimes one way is better than another way. With me having more than one technique is better because If I don't like how to do a certain thing it may not come out as well as it could have. 

Kensington. "How to Make: See-through Sheer Leotard." YouTube. YouTube, 16 June 2012. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This video was useful because I have never sewn with sheer before and I was a little hesitant and nervous to do so. Leotards are extremely hard to make and they take time and you have to keep a close eye on everything you do. Sheer is also extremely hard to work with because of how thin it is and the texture of the fabric. Sheer rips very easily and If I didn't know what I was doing I could have ripped it and wasted money. In the video she goes step by step. She starts by drafting a pattern and goes all the way to the end. 

"Six Secrets to Create a Budget You Can Stick With." Six Secrets to Create a Budget You Can Stick With. HSBC, 1 Aug. 2008. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source was useful because fabric and rhinestones and all other accessories a person needs to sew an article of clothing can be very expensive. Due to the fact that I have not figured out how I'm going to pay for these materials I had to create a budget. Creating the budget will make sure I don't spend excessively and end up broke. My goal is to use nice fabrics and accessories but not spend too much money. The website was about sticking to a budget for everyday living. However, it still helped because it talked about savings and how to keep your plan. 

"50 Incredible Photography Techniques and Tutorials - Smashing Magazine."Smashing Magazine. N.p., 21 Apr. 2009. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This article was useful because I will be displaying my work by making a magazine. The  most important thing in my magazine will be the pictures. I have not decided who will be taking the pictures. However if its me or a friend I need to make sure the pictures come out the best quality they possibly could be. The website was so helpful because they gave 50 tutorials and techniques on how to take good pictures.

"Baum's Dancewear: Dance Apparel & Shoes, Costumes & Costume Accessories." Baum's Dancewear: Dance Apparel & Shoes, Costumes & Costume Accessories. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source has a website but also a store in Philadelphia After school one day I went to the store and I looked around the store to see what the costumes and leotards looked like and i looked at the stitch lines and the accessories. I was also able to talk to the people who work at the store and talk about the process of ordering and selling. That was really useful because it gave me a look at what I was in for and what it would be like if I owned my own store one day. I also purchased a costume and took it apart to get a closer look at the detail. 

"How to Sew Lycra Without Puckered Seams : Clothing Accessories Crafts."YouTube. YouTube, 2 Nov. 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This video was useful because I have made leotards before but she sews her leotards differently than how I do. Her technique and tutorial was immensely helpful. Puckered seams make an outfit look really cheap and unprofessional.

"Sewing Barefoot: Flower Headband." Sewing Barefoot: Flower Headband. All Things Crafty, n.d. Web. 15 Apr. 2015.

This website was helpful because I wanted to make a flower headband however I didn't know how to. The website told me what materials I needed and how to make it. 

"Pretty Pansy Fabric Flowers." Martha Stewart. N.p., 08 Apr. 2014. Web. 15 Apr. 2015.

This source had an online pattern as well as a tutorial on how to make the flowers I wanted to. 

"Wonderful DIY Flower Hairpin." WonderfulDIY. N.p., 18 Mar. 2014. Web. 15 Apr. 2015.

I was able to use this source because it had a tutorial to more than one way to make certain flowers.