U2-#8 (Benjamin Seing)

​​​The video we watched was called "Growing Up Online"

The show was about the online usage and the people behind it. All of the social that the children was using was doing stuff behind their parents back. Some people were doing games and talking gossip on others. Some students were being teased and made fun of, yet some people suppress these issues and some may hurt themselves. 

The most memorable thing that I remembered was the part when the kid in school was made fun of and was thinking of suicide. He was taking with another person online and searching how commit to suicide. He would search how to tie a knot that he hang himself to. After he passed, his father went to his laptop and talked the people he chatted recently and searched his history to find out why he has done such thing. 

What I felt that it is important to watch the video is because the world and generation today is filled with internet and online usage. We needed to see the first hand experience of the problems that the people were facing. These things may help the parents to control the internet and the online social media. 

To keep my future family safe from the dangerous acts, I can always lock Safe search on. For the ones for online social media, keep an eye out for the ones they follow and check their devices casually. 

If our family were not to talk about the safety, then there will be a situation that will linger in the safety. The thought about safety will at least be a magnet when using the internet when they do use it. It will keep the family from separating and have still a physical connection. 

My advice for parents that don't know about these possibilities is to show and explain what consequences their children will face and the fear they might contact to. 

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2061329074_226f714dd6_o (1)