U2-#8-Slate Post

The TV show we watched in class was called Digital Nation. To me the most memorable thing about the show was when the boy would go on social media and talk to this boy who made a website on different ways to kill your self. So the boy would get bully like everyday in school, so he planed to study this different ways so when the time comes he can kill him self. His father saw it coming so he kept a sharp eye on his son. And a couple day later he was reported that his son was hung in the boys bathroom from the school. Then the dad tried to cummunicate with the boy who gave he the way but he never text the dad back. I think it's important to watch shows like this because it show kids and adult what be going on in a child's head when stuff like this is happening to them, and sometimes they don't show it on the outside around friends and family. The way I would keep my future family safe online is first not to expose them to the wrong type of information online such as certain social media's. It's important to talk to family about internet safety because they may put the wrong type of information on the social media and that's unsafe for them. Such as email, address, school address, or where you work sometime because there can be a creep coming after you. What I would say to family's that don't know how to keep there children safe online is to check there phones and get there passwords to the social media's and only use it when something is important or something really dangerous happened.