U2 #8 - William Huang

In class, we've watched two TV shows produced by Frontline--Digital Nation and Growing Up Online. 

Digital Nation was a film that discussed how we as a nation have transitioned to depend on the internet. The film emphasized how the nation has become more reliant on the internet as a whole. Growing Up Online focused on several examples of how kids in the new generation use the internet. It focused more on individuals. Both films discussed the advantages and dangers of such a technology.

The most memorable thing from either film was when that kid, whose name I do not recall, killed himself. It was utterly shocking. He was bullied in school and wanted his dad to teach him how to fight. His dad didn't want him to start fights, but encouraged him to defend himself. Eventually, he learned how to fight, which seemed like the tide turning moment, but even then, he still took his life.

I think it's important to watch shows like these because it teaches people what such a technology can do. While it can be beneficial in many forms, there are even more ways it can destroy you. I think the topics discussed and the kids in the show are easily relatable to the general public. People don't often stop to think about what they're doing online, and shows like these can make them more reflective of their internet activities.

To keep my future family safe online, I will set fairly strict restrictions. Although this may be frowned upon, is it better for the long run.

It is important to talk to your family about internet safety because anyone can be a victim to its dangers. Unlike physical sports, which often go hand-in-hand with accidental injuries, people don't think about getting harmed when they're online, something people typically look at as a form of recreation. Because of this, many people can be taken by surprise.

For parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online, I would recommend to just take away that privilege from them. The only way to prevent it definitely, at least at home, is to not give the option for it.