U2 #8 Reflection: Christina Santana

The Tv Show we watched in class was Front-line's Digital Nation. This show was about online safety and the effects that the internet has on the kids of our generation. The most memorable thing about this show was the kids that they showed in it. This was memorable because the all suffered from many different issue and the main cause of those issues was the internet. It is important to watch shows like this because it shows kids the effect that the internet could have on them if they are not safe online, and it also is a way of “scaring them straight”. I will keep my family safe by discussing rules that we would all follow when using the internet. I will also watch videos with them about online safety, such as this one. It is important to talk with your family about internet safety because it will help prevent anything bad from happening to you or any of your family members. I would suggest that they check their kids social media accounts occasionally and that they establish a relationship built on trust with their kids. This will help keep us all safe from any harm they could come from the internet.

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