U2 #8 Reflection

In class we watched Frontline's Digital Nation. It contained a variety of stories from a teenagers perspective and how they behave online. This show talked about how teens would confined to people online about their problems and not tell their parents anything. I would say that the most memorable part about this show would be how it contained teenagers and their point of view. Which relates to may teenagers like me. I would say that this is important to watch because it can teach many teenagers to behave online and not to rely on people online all the time. To keep my future family safe online I will limit the time online for only 3-5 hours a day. It is important to talk to your family about internet safety because you can tell them something that they can help you with. For example if someone is stalking you online, you can tell your parents the problem to resolve it. And also they can be more aware of the situation. I would tell these parents to make sure they watch their kids when they are online to keep their identity safe!