Um guys....about the check

  The waiter returned to the table asking if the 9 of us were done almost quietly. Quickly I said yes as me and Karen asked for to go boxes for our remaining food. He walked away from the table and we all talked again about trying to find another member to our group and our next event. They discussed  what we would do next week for Evett's birthday. Also (with my constant childish insistence) that we would go to the movies to see Sucker Punch when it comes out. A while passed and the waiter came around the other way to our table with the boxes and check.

Karen and I each took our box then I reached with out thinking for the check. Usually I am not the one to handle looking at it first, just handing in my share of money and ignoring it. Today though I wanted to see it. Kimme and Jacob both tried to look at it from my sides but I blocked their views of it. Slowly I unfolded it my eyes scanning down it and immediately landed my eyes on the big total. "A hundred and forty one dollars?!" I heard myself said wide eyed. I quickly gave the check to Kimme who passed it along the table to Anthony (who is kinda like our master to breaking up the money). We were all well a little more then surprised. We had worked out a way so that we all would be able to eat what we wanted and have enough for tip. Seeing close to $150 spent was just not what we were used too. Sure at other places we spent a $100 or so but most we ever went over was to a $115.

Quickly I handed over Jacob and I's share of the money and Karen her own. As we all threw our money together in a sense of panic, confusion and a bit of anger from some people. We couldn't understand how almost $20 had been added extra onto our bill. I mean come on we even  partnered (with the exception of Karen) for one of those special cheap meal deals. Then we saw the fine print beside the extra cost stating it was for tip. Anthony stated to us all that we were almost $30 dollars short until Andrew returned to the table adding in his share.

Anthony once again went over counting it then looked up with a bit of a laugh, upset and shock. “Uhhh guys we are 10 short” We all panicked throwing in what ever change we had left. The boys joked about how we would have to stay and worked which seemed to anger Evett and Kimme more. I felt more so embarrassed and upset about it. Even a people had given us that dumb kids look. But before I could worry more about it (or wonder if it was true we would have to work there) we magically conjured up the remaining $10 paying our bill in the exact amount. We all payed in relief and without thinking I said to Evett “OK you know what for your party maybe we will just take you to Liberty Place and pick food cause now we are all broke and not eating like this again” I think our lesson was learned.