Unconventional Teacher Fundraising

For this project we worked to tell the untold story of unconventional teacher fund rasing in Philadelphia. From microgrant dinners to parent initiated car washes, people invested in education in Philly and doing a lot to continue financing the school district. We found this to be an extremely important story due to the recent deficit throughout the city's school district which has students, parents, politicians, and beauracrats throughout the entire area worried about the future of Philadelphia public education. Initiatives like the ones outlined in this article are prime examples of the level of effort needed by the members of our community in order to counter-act this crisis. Reporting on this issue has been an educational exploration for me, who is soon to go off to college and will have my own personal credit and debt that I will have to deal with in the years to come. In addition, I hope that reporting on this will allow students younger than me to better understand the specifics of what is going on around them and why, while still seeing an example of people that can help.  

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