Under the Water

Under the Water

Happily nervous. If I could explain my feelings that day I would say I was happily nervous.

I woke up early with a smile on my face ready to go to the Assembly.

As Jehovah’s Witness every so often we have Assembly, where different congregation groups gather together. At these Assemblies brothers or elders give talks about a specific bible based topic.

I got dressed quickly in a new outfit for the occasion. I wore a dark purple pencil skirt with a lace stripe down the middle, a black flowy shirt with lace on the shoulders, and purple heels with a flower in the middle. We then get to the Assembly hall and since I am getting baptized, I had to sit in the front. I was extremely nervous to sit in the front because it would be the first time I sat without my family.

Everyone soon takes their seat as the Assembly starts. As the talks began I tried not to move too much, but not being able to help myself, I keep fidgeting and fixing my skirt. I couldn’t contain my thought or my excitement. My mind was constantly wandering, blocking out the Brother giving the talk, but I heard when he asked the others and I to stand. I heard him ask those two question I was so prepared to answer “ On the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have you repented of your sins and dedicated yourself to Jehovah to do his will?”

“Yes” I screamed with the others.

“Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah’s Witness in association with God’s spirit-directed organization?” The Brother continued.

“Yes” we all said.

After saying a prayer and singing the baptism song all the baptized candidates were asked to change for water baptism.

Gathering all my things I walk to the bathroom. Changing quickly into my bathing suit, I was soon ushered to where the pool was. Carefully I walked down the pool steps until half of my body was emerised, two Brothers were waiting in the water for me. As soon as I was in the water one of the brothers walked over to me placing his arms around me.

“Place your left hand on your nose, now place your right hand on your left arm. Bend your knees.” Before I knew it I was dipped under the water, I was brought back up hearing the sound of my family and friends clapping.

On December 13, 2014 I was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witness. This is a day I will always cherish.

Changing back into my regular clothes I walked back to my family. I was greeted with hugs, congratulations, and cameras. Later that evening we were having a small celebration. I was given some small gifts, but the greatest gift was given by my parents. It’s a silver heart shaped engraved with my baptism date, 12/13/14. The necklace is like a family tradition, my sister was given a necklace when she was baptized as well.

This date symbolizes that I have decided to fully dedicated my life to being a Jehovah’s Witness. Unlike many other religions, where you're baptized at birth, my baptism was completely my choice.

Ever since I was young I have been one of Jehovah Witness. Being a witness entails many responsibilities even for a young child. I have been taught to follow in Jesus footsteps, this means basing my life off the bible. While unlike Jesus I make many mistakes, I still try my best to follow his example. One example would be in celebrating holidays, Jesus didn’t celebrate any holidays so we don’t celebrate holidays. Another example would be that Jesus preached to his neighbors, so we interturn follow his example and preach to many of our neighbor. To be baptized means a lot in my religion, it means that you are willing to dedicate your life to fully serving Jehovah and doing his will. A choice of this size is very difficult to make.

There were many factors in my decision. The main factor is my love for Jehovah God. Even though I have loved Jehovah my whole life baptism wasn’t really on my mind but what really made me think of this decision was that my friends were getting baptized. So I started thinking if I was ready to take such a huge step. By chance, the same year my friends were getting baptized, my Uncle asked me “What is holding you back?” I honestly didn’t have a answers. I love preaching, I loved studying the bible and I love God, so what was really holding me back? That question made me consider what could possible be holding me back, I was already following in Jesus footsteps so why shouldn’t I make it official. After thinking it over I found that nothing but my own insecurities were preventing me from getting baptized. I went and talked to my parents to see what they thought, they thought it was a good idea. From there I had to talk to the brothers of the congregation, to ensure that I was spiritually secure and ready to get baptized. They felt that I was prepared but to make sure they asked me a series of spiritual questions. We agreed that we would set a date when we could start the first session of questioning. To be baptized there are three sessions of questioning that have to be answered. I got through all the questions and was cleared to be baptized at the next Assembly.

Making this choice, was the first real decision that I made that will affect me for the rest of

my life. From there on I have to constantly decide what I allow myself to view, be apart of, 

etc. My faith is in my hands and that is a lot of responsibility that I had to be sure that I 

could handle. The reason why this date mean so much to me is because it symbolizes my 

faith and trust in God. Like in the book “Things They Carry” how Kiowa would always carry 

his bible symbolizing how strong religion had influenced his life. I wear my necklace as a 

reminder of who I am and who I represent. I will never forget this date which is why I wear 

the necklace.

Comments (3)

Kara Heenan (Student 2017)
Kara Heenan
  1. I learned about Logan's religion and how important it is to her, and how she overcame what was holding her back from getting baptized.
  2. I liked how you put the descriptions of that moment of your baptism in italic. You separated the descriptions of the moment from your thoughts now, making it more interesting to read.
  3. The video added to the story of your baptism, with pictures which put is in the moment with you. Really good!!
Nyla Moore (Student 2017)
Nyla Moore
  1. I learned that you made the choice to be baptized and live your life as a Jehovah's witness.
  2. I liked how you set up the scene and gave information about the topic before you started with your story.
  3. The video showed us pictures from the day the baptism took place and pictures of your friends.
Rifah Islam (Student 2017)
Rifah Islam

I learned about what influence religion has on your life and how happy your baptism made you! One writing technique I liked was how you started off with two words and then in the next sentence you expanded on it. Then later in your story, I figured out why you were happily nervous that day. It was a good way to keep the audience hooked from the first couple lines. I also really like how you compared your personal experience to Kiowa from The Things They Carried. It was really subtle and added a nice touch to your overall essay. I think your video acted as a nice visual aid for the story. The pictures were straight forward and easy to understand. Nice job!